question about cost of repairs

mmasiniOctober 21, 2011

I am currently in need of some pricing ideas.

what i have is a 4 bedroom double wide trailer that i am being hired on (hopefully) to repair. Fire damage in kitchen.

I am needing pricing on cost of material per sq. foot. not including labor.

Cost of painting(kilz)per. sq. ft.

cost of hanging drywall (screws, tape, mud) per sq. ft.

cost of anything else per sq foot.

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too add, (cause im not sure if this is going to work in my favor)
the guy that is paying for this, has told me he does not want to go over $9k in cost, including labor.he wants it to be as cheaply done as possible. im not looking to get rich off this but i am looking for a descent pay.
do you guys thing that painting a double wide the whole inside, sheetrocking 3 rooms, 1 wall needs framing and a roll of container to be rented (about 500 bucks) and finding some used cabinets is doable with $4500?????????

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I don't think so, not at prices for repair work I have received recently.

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Wait till you find out how shoddy the construction is.

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Sophie Wheeler

This sounds like "the perfect storm" to me. Someone with a poorly constructed and likely to be condemned abode with a completely unrealistic repair budget meets someone who doesn't know if that budget is realistic or not or even how to price his own labor. Disaster meets disaster.

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he has gone up to a labor budget of 6500 and a total budet of 11500

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How old is the unit?

What was its value before the fire?

What will it be worth after the repairs?

Mobile homes (unlike single family homes) rarely appreciate in value (they can sometimes if they are on 'owned' land instead of leased).

you will likely run into all sorts of problems with various codes, since what code applies is often not clear.

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