Happy Mother's Day!

eloise_caMay 11, 2008

Wishing the ladies a fantastic Mother's Day, and also wishing the fathers who care for their children also a fantastic day!

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Back at ya, Eloise!!! It's been a tough day for me - all teary and all. Joseph has slept the ENTIRE day.

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Hey guys - sorry...it was such a gloomy day here that I kinda just stayed in a funk all yesterday. It's been RAINING!!!! 4ever!! It finally stopped tonight, and tomorrow I'm supposed to see the sun. Then the rain is coming back for a few more days - into the weekend!! Someone asked me how long it is going to rain. I just said, 35 more days. I'm truly ready to call out the ark. It's been so bad that the electrity keeps going out. A lot of streets are so flooded - even city streets. My friend's sister's street is closed and there isn't even any water there.

Anyway, happy belated Mother's Day!! I'm so sorry I missed you yesterday. Jo, hang in there. Next time, email me - we can "talk" whenever you want.

Eloise - thanks for remembering!!


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