My last date was ___________.

jeaninwaMay 23, 2006

Since we ARE all single...right..........and pressumably we go on dates.........right.........tell us what your last date was like.

Who planned, who asked, fun, boring, a huge hit, a miss. What did you do, and where did you go. If it wasn't a date, would you have done it anyway on your own?

I'll even start...

My last date wasn't. Sad, but true. It was a blind date to go on a guided nature walk. He emailed at the freakin' last minute and said he was sick...yeah, ok. I emailed back and said I wasn't sure whether to feel bad for him because he wasn't feeling well, or to be mad at him for playing me, but decided I wouldn't do either. I'd go on the nature walk by myself and have a good time. And, I did. Haven't heard from him again.



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Well, my last "date" was a trip to Denver to see my long distance guy. It sure started off wrong! Was to fly out on a Friday and return the following Tuesday. We board the plane (it's raining) in Tampa and we're told we're 6th to take off. Then because of the storms, they close the airport. Since it's a literal downpour with lightening and all, the rain causes the computer on the plane to think we've taken off and are airborne, complete with landing gear up. So we sit. And sit. And sit. For the next 7 hours, we sit. Finally we're returned to the terminal via push cart and we sit even longer, until they decide that the plane is fixed, we have a new crew, but the pilots have gone over their alloted time. So - come back tomorrow at 7 am.

I finally get to Denver a full 24 hours later. The rest was absolute bliss. We ate in wonderful restaurants, went up the Red Rocks in the foothills, and just spent time together. I loved every minute except when I had to go home.


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My last date took me to a movie, his choice. "The Sentinel" Eh.

Anyone interested in enviromnental issues is a "wacko." Ditto anyone who doesn't think like he does about everything. Rushed off to finish putting the roof on his shed. Gee, I can hardly wait until he calls me again! (NOT!)

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My last date - actually my last two dates (different guys) reminded me of why being single and NOT dating is better, for me.

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Date?... hmmm. Wonder what qualifies as a date? Went out to dinner and breakfast with a friend that was in town for a night. Sat on the couch and played with my cats while talking for a couple hours. Date?... suppose dinner qualifies as going out.

Last night the bartender cooked dinner and sat with me while I ate.... very sweet and almost date-like.

Some context... I work almost every day so time for a real date is almost impossible.

: )

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My definition of a "date" is a meeting between two people with who are open to the idea of possible romantic portent.

Otherwise, it's dinner, coffee, a get-together, but not a date.

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Really bad.. We met at Barnes and Noble, had coffee, went to eat.. He had on so much colonge that it made me sick... When he asked me out again, I declined...

I too think being by myself is much better...

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Well, maybe I'm wierd, then, but I even enjoy "bad" dates. I always learn something even if I decide not to go out with that person again. I'm pretty selfish with my time, though, so I don't go out with people that I don't know in some other context first, even if only briefly. Maybe that's the difference. Even if it doesn't work out, there's usually mutual enjoyment of the time spent. If I ever had one as bad as some described here I'd end it early and go home.

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...sort of an accidental date. Ran into a man I know casually from the cafe where I often take my laptop and work. He is a photographer and former teacher. We have some things in common and have had several nice conversations. I stopped for a soda on the way to a play, he stopped by my table. I mentioned the play, he wanted to go too. We met there and sat together. We each purchased our own tickets.

Afterward he walked me to my car and said this was fun, we should do something similar again. I agreed and went on home. I have seen him several times since in the cafe where he has made a point to come to my table and sit and talk. He has given me his phone number and home address and told me to "drop by." He has my card and contact info. If he invites me to do something again I will say yes but "dropping by" isn't something I would do. The other part of the story is that he is 3-1/2 months out of a long term live-in relationship. Personally I think he needs a bit of time to be on his own though I will certainly be friendly if we run into each other. He expressed his loneliness to me but also mentioned that his friends are pressing the phone numbers of single women they know into his hand.

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My last romantic date was four days in Scotland in October of 2000.

It was such a wonderful experience that I still have to break out the photos to prove to myself that it really happened.

At 47 and 53...we were like two teenagers in love. I never met anyone like him before, and I know that I never will again.

Circumstances, and a conscious decision on his part, have prevented me from ever seeing him again. It would be a fools mission to find someone else.

It just wouldn't be fair.

Whenever I see a dramatic sunset, or a clear starlit night, or a rainbow...I remember Scotland, and smile!

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my last date will be on last friday night, you cant say its a romantic date, but its totally fun ...
after we went to a wedding party of his friend, its so hard to find taxi then we used public transportation (and its a motorcycle ... with i am full of dress up ... night gown and he with the suit)
after that we had late dinner at a place you can say we got the wrong dress code ^_^ ...

totally never happen in my life ... enjoy every moment of its ...

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