Granny again

mskeetpodMay 20, 2003

Hello everyone,

Just want to share the news. My Schipperke had puppies.This is just so amazing. The little fart only weighs about 15 lb. She had 8 pups. It was so hard to believe.Just when I thought she was finished, there comes another one. She started 4:30 in the morning had one every 30 minutes.And I thought they would only have maybe 3-4 at the most.Oh well that's what I get for thinking.


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Congratulations! They must be tiny - let's hope she has enough faucets for them all.
You'll have your hands full!

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Thanks Lilo,
She seems to be doing just fine.I got Her in one of those kiddy pools. Easy to clean. I tried to put some chuks in the bottom but She did not like that at all.They look like little overgrown mice. ( size )Looks like they are taking turns.

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Oh, we need pictures! You can't tell us about those little darlings and not show us!

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congratulations! If I lived near, I would be hoping you would think me a good enough mama to sell me a couple.

arent puppies grand!


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Hi ,
Have not had the time to take pitures.Yes puppies are grand. They keep you up when you love to sleep. But she is a good moma.

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Great fun! So what do you plan to do with them? Give them away? Sell them? Keep them?, oh my!


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