Sears garage door opener

steveforzaOctober 15, 2008

My fairly new Sears garage door opener has recently started to "slip" down about four inches after it reaches the top of its travel path. The movement reactivates the motor and the door returns to its topmost position - sometimes this cycle happens only once or twice per opening but it has cycled like this repeatedly on several occasions. I tried increasing the upward force adjustment slightly but that didn't seem to help. Is this a spring issue ? They both look OK and are neither very old or broken.

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Check the chain or belt or pulley. Make sure the chain is not jumping teeth on the pulley or the pulley is not slippin on the shaft.
You need to determine WHAT is slipping or jumping before you can fix it.

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One more thing to check. Could be the gears in the opener are worn.
Disconnect the door and check its opening force. It sould open easily. A heavy opening force could have worn out the gears prematurely. Sears sells repair kits if it is a gear problem.

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If you think it is a logic board problem and if you think you might want to replace it yourself, I can tell you where NOT to buy it. I recently bought one from Ontario Supply in New York from their web site for $60. Unfortunately, it has turned out to be defective and they won't refund my purchase price even though I sent the defective unit back at my own cost. So, don't buy from them, they don't deal fairly in my opinion. I think you're best off just calling a local repair service and let them replace the board. If you replace the board yourself and it does not work, you're just going to end up calling a repair service anyway. Ontario Supply operates under the following web sites:


In my opinion, you should avoid this company

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