Andersen won't sell me doorwall parts--where to buy?

jumpygOctober 20, 2005


I have a 20+ year-old doorwall. The screen needs to be replaced. I'm moving in a year, and want to spruce up the doorwall without dropping $1000 to have a new one installed.

The parts I need are the "Screen guides" that go on the top, left, and right sides of the sliding screen. They are plastic "channels" that hold the screen in place.

Anyway, I have identified the parts I need in the Andersen 200 Series Narroline Gliding Door parts catalog. The problem is, Andersen won't sell me the parts unless I can prove I have an Andersen doorwall by giving them a code number on the window. Despite my pleading, they won't sell me the parts. They kept insisting that the parts won't fit. Well, I've seen the parts on the doorwall at HD, and believe me, it'll work. The parts are about $35. I told them I take all responsibilty if the parts don't work. I can't get them to sell me the parts no matter what I do. The kicker is that I've been to two HD stores, and they can't find the parts in their online catalog! Their program won't allow them to enter a part number, either!

Anyway, can someone point me to an online dealer that will take my money and send me the parts? I have the part numbers, and a credit card. I just need someone that will take my money and sell me the parts!

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just copy the code # off the one at HD and give them that.

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Well, I need three of these pieces--one for the header, and two for the left and right sides of the screen door. The header is 69" and the sides 79". Andersen only uses this piece for the header. So, I need three header pieces, the one from the display at HD, and two from a larger doorwall in the same series. I don't have the code number for this larger door.

I'm trying to avoid dealing with Andersen. They gave me a very hard time yesterday. They quoted me a price on the parts I want, but refused to sell them to me because I can't prove I have the door. I think it would be bad for my blood pressure to deal with them again. That's why I'm hoping a 3rd party can order the parts for me.

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I did a google search and found qute a few suppliers.
link to one below

Here is a link that might be useful: parts

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are you sure there's not a code number on your window?

I needed a code number to order parts for my windows, and they told me the numbers are on the top edge of the top frame of the window (since I'm on the 2nd floor and some of the windows open out, it's not an easy thing to get).

But, my point is, for my window mfr, the code number is ON the window, therefore findable. And I did have to pressure them before they told me how to find the number--they didn't volunteer that info.

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I replaced parts on 35 year old Anderson windows last year. I phoned their customer service department and they were very helpful in getting replacement vent plugs and weatherstripping on my old windows! They patiently guided me as to where to look for identifying numbers on the windows.

Humor them! Forget just 'describing' what you need and inspect the door for its code number. That number is probably NOT on the screen itself. It's likely to be in one of two places-- On some Anderson products, the number is etched in the corner of the glass pane itself, on older units it's sometimes stamped into the metal spacer between the panes of glass. Check those two areas and see if you can find numbers, letters or a combination of the two. (Hint: Once you find them, you may need a magnifying glass to read them since they're pretty small.) Then call Anderson again and give them that code.

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We do have these parts online. I am in the process of adding them now. It is hard enough to understand which piece of weatherstrip you need, let alone find a place to get it. The link below is to a article to help identify which pieces you need.

Here is a link that might be useful: Find the Andersen Doorwall Weatherstrip You Need

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You can go into any Home Depot, lumberyard, window supplier, etc,etc, etc, and order anything you want. I never heard of such stupidity.
What supplier did you go to?

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