Stoop railing snapped at base due to rust

joshtpOctober 23, 2009

One day while I was climbing the four steps to my stoop the hand rail gave a little bit, at which point I noticed that the railing had snapped at the base. With a little more force the railing totally came off. It appears that rust had compromised the integrity of the iron railing.

Now I have a railing with shorter support posts and two holes in the concrete filled with what's left of rusted posts. I found the following post in this forum, Wrought iron railing - how to reinstall - Home Repair Forum - GardenWeb, which gives me an idea of how to fix this. hendricus suggested to simply buy a flange or surface anchor to reattach the existing railing. brickeyee decried this as too weak and suggested installing a new railing.

Should I go with a new railing anyways since the rust may continue and cause problems down the road? Where can I find iron railings? Home Depot doesn't list them on its website. Any other suggestions? Thank you!

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Metal yards, and some sheet metal shops do railings.

They can either weld the entire thing up, or more commonly use a combination of 'standard' pieces with some custom pieces to make the required railing.

Just as an example, the upper and lower rails come in longer lengths that are cut to size, the verticals the same way, and a quick weld top and bottom attaches each vertical.

If you need a stair railing you jig up the pieces at the angle you want before welding them together.

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I agree with brickeyee that a flange mount would not be a good solution. Even if you were really experienced at installing concrete anchors, a railing is subjected to continuing pulling and torquing, and I think it would only be a matter of time before it loosened up.

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