Finally - Floors In! - What kind of rugs in kitchen

lucas_tx_gwMay 10, 2013

Long story short, after studying all the options for our too damp slab, we didn't like any of them but had to pick one, so we elected to do a vapor barrier over the slab, then plywood subfloor, then the real floor. We got the subfloor one week, over the weekend we mounted the base cabs (Barker for those who care, more pics on that later) and then the installers put the floor in the following week. We did not want the hardwood under the cabinets in case there are any issues in the future and we have to repair it, we did not want to have to pull it from under the cabs. So to keep the applicances the correct height, we have plywood on top of the subfloor where the appliances go.

The wood is a Bella Cera engineered, San Pietro Walnut variable width. We know not to use rubberized pads for areas rugs due to the danger of them sticking to the floor over the long term but aren't sure what kind of rugs to use in the kitchen, in the areas, like in front of the sink and stove. Is it OK to use the small rubber backed rugs there as long as we pick them up regularly to clean and then put them back down, or do we need cloth ones with some kind of felt pad under them?

Due to scope creep :-), removal of a pony wall and widening of other entrances, we ended up doing 1000 Sq ft of flooring, kitchen, DR, breakfast nook, FR, entryway and study.

The color is kind of a blend of all three of these pics, it's a very foggy morning, so some look a little dark and the kitchen under artificial light looks a litte bit redder than IRL, but you can get the idea I think.

Installer (Wright Brothers in Princeton, TX if anyone is in the north DFW area), did a fabulous job and were 100% reliable every step of the way, always showing up when they said they would etc. It's hard to understand why so few businesses actually act like businesses but Rickey Wright was the most organized, professional person I've worked with in any capacity.

Now for the fun part, trying to get appliances in this weekend and some drawers and be able to start using the kitchen! We're going to do plywood counters for temporary and do the counters a little later. Still a lot of other things to take care of in all these rooms.

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The floors are beautiful! Love the rich color. I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm anxious to hear what others recommend.

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Your floors look great, beautiful rich color! As for rugs, a lot depends on the look you're going for. I'm going for a homey feel to my kitchen, so 2x3 cotton rugs (various colors) work for me. I always have one in front of the sink, never in front of the stove, although there's no particular reason for that. I don't use anything else underneath them, so it's just cotton against wood. I've never had any problem with them skidding away from me. They move, but not enough to be a problem. Easy to wash and change the look, relatively inexpensive (e.g., $10 at Penney's).

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Wow, beautiful flooring! I agree with Linelle, I have regular rugs in my kitchen and they do move but not in a slippery way.

Check out Overstock, they have a huge and fabulous selection of rugs in all sizes.

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I was surprised to read on the baths forum that many people use wool rugs because they repel water and clean easily. Read through the posts and you'll see that some people wash them in the shower or with a hose. Might be worth a try if you want a dressier look in the kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: wool rugs

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And just in case you hadn't considered the option - why do you want rugs in the kitchen at all? The usual sort of kitchen drippage doesn't hurt wood floors, so there's no need to "protect" them. Rugs can also disguise spills and drips so they don't get cleaned up right away. If a damp rug sits on the floor for any length of time, it probably will cause a problem. In the days of linoleum and vinyl kitchen floors, rugs were OK as decorative elements, but on today's wood floors, I just can't see that it's a good idea.

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suzanne, if there was a spill or damp spot at or around the rug, I would probably know it, esp. when I'm barefoot. :) I think mostly my rugs are decorative elements. They add a certain cute homeyness to my kitchen. Plus, an extra layer of cushioning as I stand at the sink.

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I thought it was best to have rugs on the heavy wear areas just to keep from wearing out the finish in those areas only?

Anyone else have thoughts on that?

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Lucas, I have a rug in front of my sink and none at my prep area (side by side). Based on scientific study :) we spend a lot more time prepping than cleanup. Both areas of my floor look the same after 7 years. They aren't really heavy traffic areas. I mean, I stand there, but there isn't a lot of movement on top of them.

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I've had wool hooked rugs in my kitchen for years. Wear like iron and I have literally taken them outside and hosed off and left them to dry over patio chairs. They will outlast me.

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We have anti-fatigue mats in front of the sink and refrigerator. They have a rubber type bottom, but they get picked up to clean at least weekly. I just picked up two new ones at Sam's for the new kitchen.
Even though we have wood floors (solid 3/4 inch Tiger wood), the mats make it much easier on the back and legs.
No issues on the wood at the previous house that had Bamboo, nor this one.

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meyersdvm, you need anti-fatigue mats in front of the fridge? :)

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Linelle- LOL!

As often as my kids spill ice and water from the dispenser, it gives a little more time to clean it up so it doesn't ruin the wood floor. I make sure they wipe up underneath the mat as well. Sometimes I do stare longingly into the fridge hoping to find something healthy and yummy instead of the chocolate in the pantry.....

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Like others I don't use rubberized-backed mats either. I have a mat in front of the sink and one in front of the stove and they are more a decorative issue than a functional issue. I have bought some from Home Depot and from BB&B. I have a couple that are bath mats and that was simply because I liked the pattern on them and bath mats are surprisingly comfortable in the kitchen.

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I meant to add that whatever I buy I make sure that they can go into the washing machine and dryer. I bought one set that I discovered were to be drycleaned only and so those I just scrub by hand.

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I have used an oriental rug 3 x 5 between my sink and island for 14 years with no issues. I have it professionally clean about every four to five years -- oriental rugs take lots of abuse and it almost impossible to ruin them. I have a felt pad with a non-skid backing that goes against the hardwood floors. I love the look and since it is thick it's comfortable for the feet.

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I first had this one:

Then I got this bigger one:

Then that went to my bedroom, so I just use three small ones like this:

Got all of them on ebay for a song (in relative terms; compared to the rug store) They are all wool on cotton foundation except #1 which is wool/wool.

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I put down an indoor/ outdoor runner with an Ikea rug pad under it. It covers the area between the island and perimeter. Home Decorators and Ballard both have nice options available and prices are reasonable. No regrets.

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Wow, I was thrilled to find this thread. We have just refinished our hardwood floors, and after the cost and what we went through to get them refinished, I am determined to keep them looking new! We raised 3 boys on them and they were pretty beat up, particularly in front of the refrigerator with water damage. Now, I am contemplating what, if any, rug I might place in the kitchen. I'm thinking a runner at the sink/prep area, and a 2x3 in front of the fridge. I'm interested in the comment by one that the floor/finish is not showing wear and tear after 7 years - I would hope for that! If I get a rug, I want something easy to clean/throw in the wash or hose off. Has anyone used polypropylene on hardwood? Crate & Barrel has some indoor/outdoor rugs made of that in a neutral color, I just want to be certain that product wouldn't scratch the floor. I tend to be an all natural gal though, cotton and wool. I would prefer to have nothing, if I felt certain the prep area wouldn't show wear. I'm thinking all cotton, with no pad or backing, is a good choice to try, throw in the wash, and if I don't like it I'll go back to nothing.
I wanted to comment on rugs placed for comfort - I have always worn house shoes with great support for long hours in the kitchen, which are far better than any rug/gel rug can provide. Back in the day it was Birkenstocks, but a few years ago I discovered Fit Flops, and they are the best!! Got that cushy support under your feet with every step. :-)

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This kind of hits close to home... my rugs arrived today, and I put them down... and I hate them. Or, at least one of them. I was hoping for a bold bunch of color and I got a knockout -- in a bad way. They are soft and feel wonderful underfoot, however. I do like having something under the sink, however, so I'm totally torn.

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Lucas_texas, your floors are gorgeous! Mominator61, I'm in your camp as prefer using flootwear vs. area rugs also. Thanks for the tip regarding Fit Flops. Will try some ASAP.

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