Fireplace gas starter broken? Please Help!

gracie-2006October 9, 2009

Our gas starter on our fireplace is stripped. The key to turn it on will not work since it is stripped inside. Have any of you had this problem? We had to have a plumber cap it off b/c we could smell gas. We are now wanting to put gas logs in and do not know how to fix the pipe without taking down our mantle. My plumber said he could peek in with a camera through the drywall to see where it is connected. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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If it means only removing some drywall to replace the on/off valve, not too big a deal to make that repair. It's when the key is located in the brick veneer is when it's nasty trying to match up the brick if one or more is damaged when removing. The only other hassle would be how it's plumbed. Having your plumber take a look with the scope is probably a good idea to see if it is accessible after drywall removal, or if you would have to get to it by other means,( exterior of the wall, crawlspace/basement, etc.).

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Thank you sierraeast, the key is actually in the interior of the mantle. That is what has made this a difficult situation. We thought maybe if we look through the drywall we could see where the pipe runs and make a new connection? Does that make sense? I hope.

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Makes sense. Try to spot the connect and go from there. Hopefully it will only involve some drywall removal. Another avenue might be to find an easy connection to the gas line where you could bypass the original valve/key and run a new line/valve/key in a spot close by the fireplace. This would still involve drywall removal, but could be easier than if you had to dismantle the mantle.

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