Thank you for the outdoor sink idea . . . .

rjr220May 3, 2010

When I started lurking, someone posted a kitchen -- I believe it was a DIY, oak mission, maybe a foursquare?? And I remember their old kitchen sink with a frame out on the deck.

If you are still on the forum, thank you for including that picture. I told my carpenter that I wanted my old sink outside -- it has been marvelous. True, I keep reaching for the garbage disposal switch, and I only have cold water (I fill a basin with hot water from inside), but I love this baby. After the kitchen is done it's being moved to an hidden area to be used as a garden sink. My carpenter found 2 old sawhorses that fit the sink perfectly.

Please excuse the garden and yard. I've somehow fallen behind in yard work . . . . wonder why.

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Oh that's great! Beats a bathtub for dishes anyday! And how many of us when struggling with the faucet decision, just wanted to run a hose right in through the window and use that???

I guess if I don't sell my Kohler Executive Chef Sink on Craigslist, I know where it's going.... What a great place to rinse off veggies from the garden in the summer!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Thank you for posting this great idea! I have an old enamel sink that I plan to use for a potting bench--now I can show my husband the frame that you built.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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My old sink is going outside too so thanks for posting. That's a great temp solution until I get a potting shed for the garden.

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It's lovely! Funny how I can swoon equally over a $120k creamy white kitchen and a couple of old sawhorses supporting a sink. Love it!

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I'm thinking of doing this very thing for garden veggies! Thanks! Any idea how the hose is hooked up to the faucet? Or, can you show us a picture?

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Tomorrow I'll take a peek under the sink and see how they attached the hose.

Mama goose -- I love that sink -- I can see it going to work in the back yard.

Sold the old cabs on Craigslist today! Here the cabinets that we thought were particle board turned out to be plywood. They had coated the inside with this odd speckled coating that made it look like particle board. Oh, well . . . .

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