gutter put back up correctly

andrelaplume2October 9, 2009

Well, our gutter is back up but now I am concerned the guy(s) who put it back up did it correctly. Our gutters are 20 years old and had these spikes (maybe 6" long) that went thru the front lip of the gutter thru the backside of the gutter and into the roof. Like I had mentioned in an earlier post, the entire gutter (12+ feet) blew off. It was in fine shape with all the 6" spikes still in place in the gutter. Well my wife had a gutter person reccomended from a friend out and they reinstalled it. I guess they came out with brackets they did not fit and the installer ended up at HD or Lowes to get screws. You'd think they have the right parts with them...they gitters are 20 years old though...maybe those parts are different than modern gutters not sure. I can not actually see what they did without going on the roof---I have no ladder. I could crawl out my bedroom window and try to peak but the weather is bad right now. I was able to poke the gutter thru my bedroom window and it seams more secure than others but the thing that concerns me is that there are no screws or spikes going thru the front lip any more. You can see the holes every 16" - 24" or so but no spikes or screws anymore--I see no brackets either. I assume they somehow just put screws thru the backside of the gutter. Is this ok? I paid $100 so I want to make sure this was done correctly. Thoughts?

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I'm using used gutters I got from my parents, they did a slight remodel and had those leaf guard custom gutters installed. I've been working on using the gutters for my home. I was afraid that the holes that they had in wouldn't be the same holes I was using and thought the water may then leak out on the fascia side so I put a dab of gutter sealant in each hole. I would think it could be a problem. Brackets I don't think are always used, I just think it's better/more sturdy. The gutters I got from my parents were only installed with a really large screw with a washer (to keep screw from pulling through aluminum), only went trough the back side of gutter, not through the front and back. They held up for 15-20 years and we live in Mn so a lot of snow/weight at times. But I feel better using the bracket system as shown in my previous post.

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Putting screws in the backside only doesn't allow the leading edge of the gutter to have any support. When empty and just it's own weight, a wind can "rock" the gutter weakining the back side possibly loosening the fasteners. When filled with water or debris or both, the weight can cause the leading edge to sag. Same with ice build up. If you have a neighbor or friend who can bring a ladder over for you to get a better look, i'd do that. If not faced screwed through the whole of the gutter and only fastened on the back side, I would call them and make them come out and fasten it correctly. If you have no ladder access, I would call them back out to show you their fastening method by letting you inspect it.

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I stopped by the shop of the person who sent his gutter guy out. I said the gutter is up but Iwas not sure what was holding it..I see no brakets and no srew thru the front of the gutter. He said he won't use those screws and the hidden hangers were used. He was confident eveything would be fine and he is a friend so I guess we're set.

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