gutter blew off yesterday...

andrelaplume2October 8, 2009

We have a 20 year old 2 story colonial. The second floor has one portion of the roof higher than the other. The lower section's 12' gutter blew off yesterday...well to be more percise it was hanging in place by one nail when I got home AND that nail was half out. It hung low enough that I could reach it from the ground and yank it off. The gutter looks in good shape and still has all the 'nails' still in it...none bent or anything. The 'nails' are VERY light weight for their size...they actually look more like spikes. I assume they are some sort of special nail---aluminum or something. Well, my wife has a relative coming out to put it back up but I want to make sure its done right. I do not want this thing flying off again and hitting some one or a car. What should I look for? I assume they can not just re-nail it back in place with the existing nails and holes right...or do they do this and maybe add a galvanized screws every other hole. Thoughts?

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Replace them all with gutter screws. You would be wise to replace the existing gutters fasteners that are still in place as well. It happened once, it can happen again to the other gutters you have in place.

Here is a link that might be useful: gutter screws

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Just make sure before you reinstall this that the surface it is attached to is intact and solid. Sometimes you can get softening/rotting of the wood in this area, and that could be one reason for the gutter spikes loosening up.

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I am hopefully going to get my gutters hung TODAY after I finish a little painting. I found something besides a gutter spike I am going to use. I am going to use K style screw hangers, for your typical 5" gutter. I would think it would give more support to the gutters and also comes with a screw. I found them at a few stores around town, a big box store and a more local store, Fleet Farm.

Previous poster is right about the fascia board. My parents had to replace their fascia boards. I think gutters trap debris that facilitates the wood going bad sometimes.

Here is a link that might be useful: hangers w/screw

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The gutter screws are just as effective as the k-style straps, and your gutters already have the required holes to clear the spikes.

The old spikes tend to work their way out as the wood swells and shrinks with normal humidity.

The gutter screws have threads that hold much better.

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Don't forget to get gutters cleaned out before it's to late!

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Hopefully, in the 4 years since the original post, the gutters got cleaned.

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