A salute

eloise_caMay 27, 2008

to our service men and women, and their family. God bless.

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I'm a day late, but I salute also.

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I salute those brave men and women EVERY DAY - can't imagine what they have to face every day.

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I missed this when it was posted, but I just wanted to add this. My father took us to the ceremonies and parades on every Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, and July 4th. He was a WWII veteran, and he said he wanted his children never to forget how many people had sacrified so much, and eve given their lives so that we could live safe and secure.

Now it all seems for naught. We aren't safe or secure, and neither are our sons, daughters, wives, and husbands overseas.

I remember standing at a Veteran's Day service with my dad when I was I think about 6 or 7, at a national cemetery, and when they played taps, he took my hand, and saluted throughout the whole song, as did all the other veterans. That memory has stuck with me all these years, above all the memories of sitting on his shoulders at the 4th of July parades, and going to Fort Jackson in SC to watch the fireworks.

I miss him so much. I really hope that whoever becomes President will fix the broken Veterans support system in this country. We really should take better care of our military, especially after they return home from a war that they neither started or approved of.

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JYG - can I second that one!!!

I remember those special ceremonies as well. My Dad was in the Air Force, as his middle brother. My Dad was stationed at Andrews AFB, here in MD. We would always go to the Air Show and that was so special to know that my Dad was part of the AF. I watched the AF Memorial being built near the Pentagon. I never knew what it was - other than some strange things standing up in no-man's land off the highway. After it was completed I found out what it was. It is actually breathtaking, and really looks like the planes splitting off in formation - AMAZING!!

This is a mess that won't go away for a while - no matter who is in the WH. So much is at stake for our country, both here and abroad. In the famous words of a not-so-famous person (Rodney King), "Can we all just get along!" I guess not though because we each have our own convictions, and crosses to bare. Our experiences frame our views and our values, and bring so much heartfelt emotion. Our duty is to strive for equality and honor those who help to achieve that. Most of all, we need to remember, "what a wonderful world", in which we live.

God Bless us all!!

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I'm glad you recognize what a wonderful world we live in. Two weeks ago we had a three-day family reunion, and rented a huge cabin in the mountains with a wrap-around porch. There were 41 of us (but the basement alone had 25 bunk beds). The reunion happened to coincide with Flag Day.

Because it was also Flag Day, we took the opportunity to celebrate and to remind the children how fortunate we are to live in this country. After us older adults gave a short presentation, we all said the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag that someone had brought. Then we sang "God Bless America." Our little ceremony took place on the porch, and we took pains to remove politics from it. Both the Democrats and the Republicans among us really loved it.

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Sayhello - what a wonderful idea and experience. There was a time when people did those things without thought. No everyone is moving so fast that things like this are afterthoughts. Congratulations for keeping/sharing the moments.

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sayhellonow, what a wonderful experience for the younger kids, and also for the older ones! I hope you guys are able to make this into a tradition, annually.

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Thank you, friends. Yes, Eloise, that's what I said too: Let's make it a tradition.

I have a photograph, but cannot figure out how to post it.

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