How was your weekend?

sayhellonowMay 17, 2011

The weather was wonderful where I live, and I spent a good bit of time enjoying it. In the garden, I planted, transplanted, re-planted, watered, and pruned. I called a cousin, visited my neighbors, and took some photographs. My big indulgement was a banana split (I need help, grin, but I let it be my dinner). I walked two miles yesterday (Sunday) to offset all the ice cream and fudge, then lounged on the patio and got into another Vince Flynn novel.

What did you do?

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When to a chocolate tasting festival with a girl group, then a cheese tasting festival, then shopping. Sunday went to a museum and a dinner date. Not a bad weekend. :) although i'm envious of your planting session. My poor little plants on my patio are still just dirt and last years plants before the snow killed them. (we don't usually get much snow.. wasn't expecting it)

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That happened to us last year, Ahnya, near the end of May, no less. It sounds like you had a great weekend.

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Another great weekend here. I accidentally found out about a community garden near me, and joined.

What are all you other Singles doing? How was your weekend?

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