How do you cut pvc roofing?

aepycerosOctober 3, 2008

Hi all,

I'm working with 12-foot sheets of corrugated pvc roofing to cover a storage area under a deck. I need to cut some of the sheets to fit around an angle. When I've tried with a shears, I get a good cut for a bit, and then the roofing cracks. Is there a way to make a clean cut in this material?

Thanks for any help.

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A new plywood blade in your circular saw installed backwards. Go slow as it cuts and melts it's way through

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Here is a quote from one of the manufactures.

Cut fiberglass, PVC, and Polycarbonate panels using hand or power saws. Saw blade should be fine-toothed carbide tipped, or safety fabric reinforced abrasive disc. Face shields and appropriate safety equipment should be worn.

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Thank you both for the information. I've yet to get back to the project, but I'll give it a try, probably with an abrasive disc in my circular saw at first.

Thanks again.

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Set up some sawhorses and a sheet of plywood. Set the blade just a hair deeper than the panel. With the panel on the plywood, have a helper help hold it down tight and cut. Dont try to cut an end that is flopping as it will crack. You can cut multiple sheets at a time layered on top one another as long as you keep it held down tight to the ply.

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