Alphabet questions from a newbie!

pinkcarnationJune 29, 2007

Questions from a Newbie:

Does anyone ever print out alphabet fonts and cut them out? Or do you all use the stick-ons or rub-ons? Do you use scissors or a craft knife? I have heard of the sticker paper you can print on which sounds like a great idea, but I am confused as to which is the better method of cutting. If not using the sticker paper, how do you glue them down? Appreciate any thoughts!

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I have used a lot of the wonderful fonts and alphabets from a Software program called "Lettering Delights". The fonts and alphabets are VERY graphic and can be individually downloaded. Normal price is about $3.99 but often they have sales for $1 each.

They supply the software that you use to create your titles, journaling boxes, etc. I usually print them out on photo paper or colored paper stock and don't have to cut each individual letter out separately.

Recently they introduced "Transparent" alphabets so you can actually print them on top of papered paper, photographs or whatever and there is no box or border around the characters.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lettering Delights Website

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Thanks for the response!

You wrote:

"I usually print them out on photo paper or colored paper stock and don't have to cut each individual letter out separately".

I guess I am confused about the "not having to cut them out" part! I have already printed them out on photo paper (wasn't sure if that was the correct thing to do at the time) and they look great, but I DID have to cut them out separately! Sorry to be so I not understanding it correctly?? Thanks for the link also!!


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I think what sewhappy means is that she scraps her titles the way they come out of the printer - black letters on a fancy paper, for example. So she'll have letters of some kind on a background and only needs to cut out a rectangle rather than individual letters. I hope that makes sense.

So you print the title you plan to use rather than the entire font?

When I want to cut out individual letters, I've always done it on cardstock or paper-type paper rather than sticker paper.

I do most of my cutting with scissors and pull out the exacto blade for particularly intricate stuff.

Then I affix them with a glue stick/tape runner/dots or whatever adhesive is handy.

Here is a link that might be useful: craftfetish blog

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craftfetish, Thanks! You answered all my questions!! I think I understand better what sewhappy was saying. I understand her to say she prints out the entire title, thus not having to cut out the individual letters. I was wondering about the alphabets because I have found a lot of neat alphabet fonts I like on different sites, on which the entire alphabet has to be downloaded. I like to sometimes mix them up, so was wondering what types of glue you use. I have been using a glue stick with pretty good success. I wasn't sure if I could use the tape runner/dots, but will try them as well. Thanks again!!


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