'National' sewing machine?

medusaMay 31, 2006

hello everyone,

I recently got some sewing things from my Grandmother and in them was a suitcase with a large black metal sewing machine in it with the name "National" across the body in gold lettering. There's no book, but the machine itself is in excellent condition. The only information I can find online about it is a vintage newspaper ad from the 1950's that has a picture of the machine in it.

Has anyone heard of this brand? Were they industrial machines? Is it something I can use or should I put it away as a keepsake because it may be worth something? I do a lot of heavy sewing, multiple layers of thick fabric and I'd hate to ruin it.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Here is some information of the National Sewing machine company

Here is a link that might be useful: National Sewing Machine

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wondering if you had any luck finding out any more about your sewing machine.
I also recently came across a national sewing machine. I have found out it is a revesew model but have had no luck finding any other info on the web.


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go visit damascusannie on the quilting forum - she is a wealth of knowledge about National Sewing machines.


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Medusa and BillyB--Here I am and glad to help in any way I can. I have about 50 National sewing machines and am considered an expert on them.

Billy--The Reversew name refers to a couple of National models that had reverse capabilities. Can you post a picture of it? If I can see it, I can tell you more about it, where to find the serial number and maybe give you an estimate of age.

Actually, the same goes for Medusa's machine. A picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes! Oh, and it's not an industrial, but I've used my 1920s Damascus Grand (National Rotary) to make a canvas boat cover, so they can take a beating!


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Annie, I just received a national sewing machine and am looking for info on it. The plate says model 2500 NO.12496. I currently have a Huskystar model 215 and wonder how they compare and a value of the national. It is in mint condition and also has Stretch series on the side. Thanks, Barb

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Hi Bill...just found a National Eldridge Reversew in my basement, and was wondering if you ever found out what the value of one of thesse might be...ballpark of course? Thanks

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I have a NATIONAL sewing machine, Model #VX560 with the attachments that came with it. Can anybody tell me what it is worth?

Also, I've been offered an older Kenmore sewing machine and cabinet it's attached to. It was used by my husband's mother for YEARS. I don't have a model number, but any approximate value?

Which is the better machine and which should I sell? Any help would be very much appreciated!

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Neither machine is really worth anything. Perhaps you can get $50 for the Kenmore, if it's in good shape.
The National, no more than $10.

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I recently acquired a Blue Grass (Belknap) sewing machine in an oak cabinet. Needs new plug and belt. Model A Serial # BB 996784A. Does anyone have information about it? Thx

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I have a national machine and I am looking for some parts. The door to the bobbin case has broken and I'd like some additional feet. There is no model number only a serial number SZ91094342.

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I just bought a national ( majestic x ) sewing machine it needs the main powercord i have the foot pedal and cord but need the lead can u help me find a place to buy one?

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I think I have a National Sewing Machine Co., Model Vindex B, from late 1800-early 1900. Beyond that I have been unable to get any further information. It has Progress on it and the only # I can find on the machine is 2071303. I was hoping that someone out there might have an idea of where I might go from here to further research this. Any info or direction would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank You. Kim

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I recently came into possession of a "necchi-national Stretch Series 2000 sewing machine. I know it was manufactured in Japan, but cannot find out anything else about it. I am really interested in finding a user manual for it. I believe a lot of the units manufactureded in Japan were sold under numerous names. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Are there any parts or manuals available for the National super 100 sewing machine

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I have been given a Seamstress A electric sewing machine and the motor has National sewing machine co - Model A. It is very dirty and I'm trying to clean it up. I cannot find any information regarding this particular machine. It has a spring on the motor rather than a belt. There is a number of 3348203 under the bobbin cover/plate. It has a shuttle rather than a bobbin. Can anyone provide me any assistance? I have visited Needlebar.org but didn't find my particular machine. I have attached a picture but the bobbin winder, motor, etc. already removed.

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Does anyone know what National sewing machine models were used for the treadle machines? I am getting a National, probably a 1929 model in an oak cabinet but there is no badge etc on it. I have no idea where to start to find out information on it. Thanks in advance!

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