Dishwashers as cabinets (dirty/clean washers)

n123May 12, 2013


So we have decided to try to become lazy(er) and use two dishwashers in a clean/dirty cycle so we don't have to unload. I have read a number of posts in various threads where people have also decided to do this. For those of you that do it, how does it work out? We can easily fit our working set of daily dishes in one washer but who knows how it will work in practice.

In terms of the dishwasher units, we want something that has a solid dry cycle. I understand the american dishwashing companies tend to have a better drying system, at the cost of higher energy/water, but I was looking to see if anyone had any opinion on this. I think in order for this to work and not be annoying to the wife (she isn't 100% on this), I came up with the following features I'd like:
1) solid drying cycle
2) cutlery drawer (more like a normal cutlery drawer)
3) a good door feel where it feels solid opening and closing regularly

I think the KitchenAid KUDE60HXSS fits for #1 and #2 but the door feel wasn't great. To be fair, I haven't found one with a solid feeling door.


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It is a nice idea. A bachelor friend did that back in the 80's. We laughed, then thought what a great idea! Then we tried to visualize the reality. Do we really want to 'live' on a daily basis with a dishwasher as a cabinet? Opening, bending over, reaching in and down multiple times a day? Nope. I would rather put it away every other day, dealing with it once for the 5 minutes it takes and have my dishes and glasswear at eye level.
Unless they are loaded exactly so, everything handy, and arranged so it is that much easier...
Those that have two dishwashers do find it convenient as an in one and out the other but i don't think of it as an always storage.
We have a deep dish drawer that works beautifully for us. We just run it more often and have what we use most often like travel mugs and favorites easily at hand during a busy work week. Run it at night and empty in the morning with coffee. No longer need to wait a few days for a traditional unit to fill up. If i had the room i would have two.
And no bending over to get at something in the back lower section.
Maybe it's a guy thing, ; )
My husband would love a garbage shoot that, as it fills up outside the garage, the weight would carry it on a track system and roll it out to the street, haha.
And i want a laundry shoot with a little monkey to load, fold, and deliver.
Seriously though, if it is an ongoing task that bugs you, the constant putting away and such, the Miele futura line seems a decent choice. My parents have only had theirs since xmas but i was impressed with it. (we installed it for them)
The extra drawer rack for silverwear is nice but i found it a bit tedious to place it just right to get clean.

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