What is your favorite choice of music??

TinmantuApril 3, 2004

I listen to all kinds....like right now listening to Charlie Rich siging "Good time Charlies got the blues"....have the player set to random but it's mostly 70's music...What is your favorite?

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have American Pie jamming now...hope the neighbors appreciate it...heh

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I like everything from classic rock to some of the new stuff my son listens to. My current favorites are Van Morrison, Steely Dan, Los Lonely Boys, and Norah Jones. I like all kinds of music except for the country songs about cheating and broken hearts, too depressing. Austin is a great place to live for people who love music. Always a big name in town and lots of newer unknowns starting out.

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American Pie is one of my favorites. I have a Don McLean cd that has Jim Croce on it too with all of their best songs. I have no idea why those two are on one cd but I like it.

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That's an interesting mix for sure, Char...I am a big Jim Croce fan....I forget the name of the album but Van Morrison had a great one come out a couple years back...I'll look through my collection and come back with it...well worth a listen for those that like him....Moondance is his greatest hit IMO

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Listening to Elton Johns "Madman across the water" now...I think that may have been his best hit that never made radio play because it was too long.

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My 7th grade Math teacher made us memorize the lyrics to Jim Croce's Bad Bad Leroy Brown. I'm not sure why but I can remember him writing the words on the blackboard. It was the 70's maybe we were all a little spacey? I like his son A.J. Croce's music and I have found his cd in various friends music collections.

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This is my current favorite Van Morrison song. It's from his newest album I think. I like the lyrics and try to keep waiting for that Blue Moon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Once in a Blue Moon

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The Van Morrison album I was thinking of was "Back on Top"...It was on the shelf gatering dust till you mentioned him....listening to it now...."Philosophers Stone" is maybe the best off that one..."Reminds Me Of You" is good but was a bit depressing back when I went through a breakup a couple years back....thanks for the lyrics link. I have a cd with him and BB King playing together, but I can't find it to save my soul.

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Kid Rock in my truck CD and Melissa Etheridge "Live... and Alone" in my computer DVD at the moment. J.S. Bach to ZZ Top with a bunch on country on my CD rack. Hehe!... even gots some Tone Loc and M&M in there... "round the outside... round the outside..."

Last CD purchased was Three Dog Night... "singin Joy To The World"!

Melissa seems to sing about times and places my soul knows so well.... "baby you can sleep while I drive". (no I don't like the Trisha Yearwood version of that song)

: )

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I'm loving Richard Thompson right now, although I have to depend on the public radio station to hear him.....

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