Novice Needs Help Making Bedskirt

artesian79April 12, 2009

I have a kingsize bed with a headboard and footboard. I bought a new comforter, but it didn't come with bedskirt and I haven't found a pre-made one that matches in color. I have found some 45" fabric that I would like to use to make a bedskirt.

I've googled for hours and can't find instructions to make a pleated bedskirt for use with a footboard. I understand how to make the pleats along the sides and one in the middle of the bottom/foot. I do not understand how to make the pleats at the corner and how to make a cut so that the footboard can be accommodated w/o showing through. Since I'll need to hem both sides of the cut I'd think I would need extra fabric but I'm at a loss as to know how to add it and even where to cut. (I'm not good at visualizing in 3D.)

I would like to have the "pretty fabric" go under the mattress a short way so that the white fabric doesn't show as they always seems a way to. I'd be happy too to attach the skirt to a fitted sheet or use Velcro if that helps.

Since the fabric is not the heavy home décor fabric, do I need to line it?

The closest instructions I've found are at:

Can someone clear the muddy waters for me?

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Dear Artesan, I wish I knew how to explain this. I also am ready to tackle the same issue. Though I do not want to sew my bedskirt to a sheet, I just want to attach velcro to the mattress and attach the skirt there. I am hoping that will keep the bedskirt from sliding around and looking messy.

I am also looking for a way to make pillow shams out of the matching fabric. I have no idea how to go about this. I will be making my own post so not to disturb yours. I hope someone comes along with the idea soon. Good Luck!

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Hi...I also plan to do the same project. I have never done this either but I have a "PLAN". LOL Although I don't have a footboard, this is my plan. Make the skirt in three pieces, two sides and the end. When you get to the end of the side, allow a little extra and leave the skirt open from the mattress down. Not sure how to explain this, but it should attach at the top of the boxspring and be open to to the floor to accomodate the footboard. then attach the end piece to the side piece overlapping just a little so that it hangs straight at the footboard. Be sure to allow for a small hem on the sides that hang down. I plan to attach mine with velcro. I already have a bedskirt on the bed and will just sew the velcro onto the bedskirt already there, sew the other side of the velcro to the new skirt, attach and admire my work. :)
Hope this helps and gives you an idea of what to do.
I too look forward to any other ideas that more experienced people may offer.

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Murphy, this sounds like a great idea. It gives me ideas on how to work this out. I have not thought of making 3 seperate peices, smart idea! I don't think I am going to attach mine to existing bedskirt, they just slide around too much and stay uneven. Going to stick with original idea of attaching velcro to box spring!

Now I just have to find time to get this project done.

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How are you going to attach velcro to box spring? Stitch, glue, sticky velcro? I have my velcro but it is not the sticky back kind. Looking for ideas on how to attach to box spring. I was going to sew to my existing skirt.
Like you, have to get fabric for mine and take time to get done.

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You can buy thumbtacks with little spirals on the ends. They can be used to tack/screw your bedskirt directly to the boxspring, avoiding the use of Velcro.

I used them for years before finally making a platform type skirt, the kind attached to a sheet.


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Based on previous experiences, I found that the adhesive velcro would not stay attached to the box springs, and was continually falling off. This was on a bed in our guest room, too, that received very little use. I also tried the velcro that you attach with heat pressure, and that wouldn't stick for long either. It was always the piece of velcro that was on the box spring side that would fall off. I ended up using velcro that you could sew on, and sewed that strip onto an existing fitted sheet that slipped over the box springs. Problem solved!!

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I staple the hook and loop tape to the box spring. Just use long staples.

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I have made several bed skirts and the most stable were the ones sewn to an old fitted sheet. It if is good and right it will not move around. Do use separate pieces for the sides and foot of the bed, but overlap slightly at the corners, or put in a box pleat and sew the top closed to where the fabric needs to open for the legs. You need a little extra room at the corners for the roundness. If you are gathering, cut your fabric 2 1/2 to 3 times the length of each bed side and allow for a generous hem. Then it will look luxurious unlike the skimpy ones you buy at the store. No need to line it. If you are making box pleats, measure the size of the pleats and add them to the length of each panel - don't forget about the pleats at the corners. Again, start with a little too much fabric. You can take away fullness, but it is really hard to piece in extra fabric if the corners are too tight. Hope this helps.

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I haven't sewn in quite a while, but am planning on going back to it. You all are giving me the motivation I need.

While reading this thread, I was reminded about the trick of using adding machine tape as a "pattern." It's particularly useful when working with long lengths of fabric. Just use the tape to plan the lengths of the bedskirt, and paying special attention to the placement and depth of the pleats.

Good luck, everyone.

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You will need:
One fitted bottom sheet (used or brand new)
Washable fabric pen
Fabric for bedskirt that is 2.5 to 3 times the size of the mattress (2 long sides + 1 short side) as you will want a fuller skirt
Sew on Velcro that is the length of 2 long sides + 1 short side
Thread to match fabric

If you purchase a new fitted sheet, pre-wash it to remove the sizing.
Place fitted sheet on the box spring.
Draw a line, using the fabric pen along both sides and one end. Using a yard-stick will probably make this easier to accomplish.
Remove sheet from box spring and sew the "hook" part of the Velcro to the sheet along the drawn line.

Create your bedskirt from the fabric. Hem top and bottom and all sides. Gather the fabric and pin it on to the "loop" part of the Velcro. Sew fabric to Velcro.

Next time that you want to redecorate, buy new fabric and more Velcro. You will only need to loop part because you will be able to attach the new skirt to the fitted bedskirt that already has the hook part on it.

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Great instructions. I would add one more step, though. After sewing the loop part of the Velcro to the fitted sheet, cut the center part of the sheet out and hem the edges close to the velcro. This allows you to put the remaining part of the sheet on the box springs without having to remove the mattress. Just to clarify, do not cut off the plain end of the sheet. Hem it across to the other side as well and gather the corners to take out any excess material so that the remaining cover fits snuggly. I know not all mattresses are heavy but mine is exceptionally so.

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Oops! I changed your instructions. Use the "hook" side on the fitted sheet rather than the "loop" side as I inadvertently said.

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