Installed new tub how do I repair the tile?

stash-hdyOctober 30, 2009

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this. I installed a new tub, removed tile and greenboard one row around the old tub. Now I need to replace the backerboard and wonder how it should be attached. Can secure to the studs but between the studs the backer board will not be secured and the new tile grout gap will fall where the bottom of the old tile meets the top of the replaced tile.

Concerned about flex and cracking of the grout line. The old tile is really secured to the greenboard so I can't take another row off and move the joint to mid tile. Do I need to worry about flex and if so how can I correct? I thought about gluing a 1x4s to the inside of the greenboard and then attaching the new backerboard to that between the studs.

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Tough repair. Replacing a tub usually means new walls, as opposed to a patch as you would prefer. But one way to add rigidity to the thin strip of greenboard or cementboard would be to glue some backing to it first in the portions that would be between the studs - then install.

I think you'll get some answers by posting in the kitchen/bath forum (not that you'll like what you hear).

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Actually, glueing 1x4's isn't a bad solution. I'd cut them shorter than the width between studs to make room for a couple Irwin bar clamps to hold them in place until dry.

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If the tub has a shower, you should tear out the green board before it fails and put up cement board.

Green board will fail in shower enclosures from water getting through the grout of the tile.

If it goes on long enough you can find yourself repairing rotted stud faces to attach the cement board (sistering sections of new 2x to the old studs sometimes works depending on the amount of damage).

Even without a shower, green board down to the top of the tub is asking for problems.

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The tub does not have a shower. I removed enough tile so that around the new tub there will be cement board.

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