re:Durham, Brickeye?

izzieOctober 13, 2010

Hi brickeye,

Yes I used it on some outside repair/patches last year. You said it's not for outside use in another post. Do you suppose it will start failing? I guess I thought I found something that was really good. I guess I should have looked at it closer. A 2 part epoxy probably would do better, or something not water based maybe. Darn!

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It depends on how dry it stays.

A couple coats of latex paint can exclude some moisture, but not all.

I rarely use the epoxy fillers any more (used West systems for many years and still do when really needed) since after mixing you have to add a filler material.

It got to be to much of a hassle to keep enough of everything around, and have to wait for delivery if a repair was larger than my stock.

The Minwax is polystyrene monomer and catalyst, the same 'active ingredients' as Bondo car filler but with a softer (easier to sand) filler (talc).

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