Decorating T-shirts with lace, ribbon, rick rack, etc.

LibbyLizApril 19, 2007

I'm in the process of decorating plain T-shirts with lace, ribbon, rick rack, or anything else that I think will work with the color of the shirts.

I've started with the neckline hems, but wonder if I should also be doing the sleeve hems. I don't think I've seen shirts with the length hem done.

What's your opinion on what hem or hems should be done?

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Are these for kids,adults or what?? It also becomes a personal preference type thing,as to how much fru fru you want.
Look thru some catalogs for some ideas.

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They're for me since I can't seem to find thicker non-clinging shirts anymore. I bought mens Hanes no-pocket v-neck & Life crew neck at Wal-Mart.

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The problem with decorating the sleeve hem is that when you put your arm thru it it won't stretch as before without trim.
I guess you could attach things individually and that would work. Salena

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For the sleeve hem you can remove the hem then using a small zig zag stitch,just sew around the bottom of the sleeve,STRETCHING it as you sew.This give it what they call a lettuce edge.You can also do this on little girls socks.

For the crew neck shirts just cutting the ribbing off and re-hemming that neckline changes the look of those.

You just cut all the way around just a hair below that last row of stitching on the ribbing.If you have a serger,you can then serge the edge,turn it under about 1/4 " or a little larger if you like,but not too much and hem.You can use a double needle there,but if you do just make sure you have it right side up when you sew it.

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About the sleeves, they're guys shirts, so the openings are already plenty big, so I'm not worried about that. I was just wondering if doing the sleeves would be overkill.

I don't cut off any of the hems. They give me something sturdy to sew on & the inside of the hem hides the thread. I don't like the thread showing on the inside of the shirt or rubbing against my skin.


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Well, I finished a green T with tulle that was woven with little yellow & white flowers on a green vine. I put it around the neck. I'm having serious doubts now about doing the sleeves because they are stretchy. That may cause a problem for the solid yellow ribbon I was thinking of using.

In turn, the sleeves of the others may not be sewn with anything either.


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Why don't you just pin the ribbon on and see how it looks? Then if you don't like the effect it isn't permanent. Colleen

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Here is a really cute idea for kids using tee shirt and boxer shorts. Take a tee shirt and sew eyelet on the bottom and on the edge of the sleeves. Do the same with the boxer shorts. Stitch the fly shut. You can sew buttons or just make some small bow out of ribbon and stitch on. I usually do 3. Next I would sew the names of colleges or what ever they want on the shirt. For instance I would sew Indiana on the shirt (across or up and down) and the I U on the pant leg. You can also paint it on. These also make great nightshirt for little girls.. I have made hundreds of them for gifts.. For the gift giving I buy a brown paper bag and also decorate the bag to match the shirt. I would make one and give it and end up getting tons of orders for them.

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I finished one shirt & it looks great! See my post above about the green T & tulle.

I'm working on another shirt with ribbon & it's going to look great too.

Thanks for your help!

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I found when decorating my granddaughters t-shirts,I can run 1/8" or 1/4" elastic thru the sleeve hem and that gathers the sleeve. Their mommys love it..a more "girly" look..

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take a look at this site, they offer tons of beautiful jacquard woven ribbons.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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