Liquid Concrete Coatings

nochinsOctober 18, 2009

Liquid concrete coatings turning ordinary concrete surfaces into extraorinary hardscape without tear out is the sales pitch. Are these concrete overlays a good and lasting product?

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Concrete consists of water, cement and a graded mixture of stone aggregate in very carefully measured sizes and proportions so that everything fits together with the proper spacing between the aggregate particles. If too much water is added, the strength of concrete is lost and it will spawl and deteriorate quickly when exposed to weather. Therefore the use of the term "liquid" concrete" suggests an intent to mislead consumers. There are cement based coatings but the only thing they have in common with concrete is one ingredient.

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Macy, Liquid Concrete is a water based Epoxy Coating.

Nochins, if it might work depends on what you are looking into it for, you didn't say.

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Liquid Concrete is a term misused in many ways.

I would avoid products that play fast and loose with construction terms. A serious manufacturer would use a less misleading term.

Paying attention to details is what separates the good builders from the bad ones.

If you look closely you will see that my name doesn't have a Y in it.

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