not sure where to post this

sum1October 20, 2007

But i'll try here first,

We have acquired a 35 yr old house, 3 bed 2 bath raised ranch, 2 fireplaces, both capped (unused)patrially finished lower level, under house garage. ok I think that covers that.

heres the thing, I am going NUTS trying to understand what on earth could be causing the following conditons.... bear in mind this house is cuurently unoccupied and has been for 1 yr. now. also we are in New England so the climate is a mixed bag.

1) high humidity.... (plants occassionally have "sweat")& it stinks

2) Interior of house will get colder and remain colder than the outside by around 3 degrees.. ie, 62 outside, 58-59 in

3) this is prbably related to # 2 but, when the house is "closed up " no open windows.... they condensate on the outside !!!

this house still has the original windows, condition isn't too bad, but... they are single pane with outer storms that you raise and lower.

also a couple of large (oak) trees are in close proximity , causing dreaded shade.

these seem like obvious reasons.... but, I am wondering if it is more obvious to an experienced person.

thabks for reading this far , I welcome your input.

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Obviously you are checking this house during the day when the outdoor temperature has warmed up slightly, but the interior of the house is still cool from lower overnight temperatures.

The excess moisture is a result of high relative humidity which is indicated by frost on the exterior of the windows. Condensation occurs when moisture laden air is cooled below the DEW POINT. You noted an outdoor temp of 62degF with an interior temp of 58-59degF which would indicate that the ambient air is at an extremely high humidity (saturated air) where even a slight drop is causing precipitation in the form of condensate or "Dew Drops" on the exterior of the windows.

This is a totally unavoidable occurrence unless you provide minimal heat in the structure.

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Heres another example, although it was raining outside and the windows were shut, I went there last night only to find it very humid in the house, the concrete fireplace hearth looked wet, and things in the house were sticky to the touch, from the humidity.
obviously the humidity brigs out the stinkiness.
I am wondering if the attic ventilation could have anything to do with this, this house only has gable end vents. maybe it needs to be better vented?? how could I find these things out? obviously if I call a roofer he will say yes, if I call an insulation person they will sell me some insulation theory, etc, I really need to figure this out, because I am thinking of not even moving in a nd selling this house. any help is appreciated.

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Run a dehumidifier in the house, and the heat, too, if needed, to keep the dehumidifier from freezing up.

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I'm wondering if this is a common problem with ranch houses. I grew up in a ranch built in 1960. Had the same exact problem. Never could resolve it.

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This post is 3 1/3 years old. I hope the OP has found a solution by now.

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