Craftsman screw-drive GDO

bus_driverOctober 26, 2010

My units are about 5 years old. The light cover hinges down with tabs at the bottom serving as the pivot points. It is supposed to be held up by molded bumps snapping into holes in the housing. The trolley does not hit the light cover, but the cover will not stay latched. I could use screws or tape to hold it up but would like a neater solution requiring no tools. Anyone worked out a good fix for this problem?

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are the "bumps" not wide enough to fit snugly in the holes? Why not build them up by wrapping the bumps with duct tape a couple of times. The tape should be out of view and the cover should work as intended.

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Old thread but others may have the same problem. I used small colorless ties through the holes at the sides for the "bumps" and small holes in the cover. The only downside is that one must cut the ties to open the cover- an event that does not occur often.

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