Doing Inside of Scrapbook cards first

mzmintJune 25, 2006

I made a beautiful scrapbook card last night, stamping and coloring etc. Then when I wrote inside--I messed it up.

I did cover it with more paper and "fixed" it but I will now decide and do the insides first. I would like more "inside of card ideas". Is this the place?

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You can buy a lot of card sentiment stamps that will make putting the 'inside' part of a card much easier. Over the years I've collected a lot of different ones. If you don't want to go that route, consider printing the sentiments from the computer and then cut them to fit the inside and use your favorite adhesive to put them inside. Sounds like you're doing a lot to get started with card making! Good for you!

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After doing things like that a few times I made a new rule for myself - simple to complex. In other words start with the easiest thing first and then go to the next step, etc.

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Whenever someone sends me a card, I crop out the saying that's in the inside and try and reuse it. If it's not salvageable but I like the saying I'll print it off the computer onto a textured/patterened paper and go that route.
I also use stamps quite a bit as well.

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