paint spray on brick

bus_driverOctober 20, 2013

Need to remove an attempt at graffiti on brick. Black spray paint. Obviously one of my goals is to damage the brick as little as possible.

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I have heard mixed ways of doing it, Goof-off, Oven Cleaner (test first I would add for both of these), and pressure washer.

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The biggest problem is the recesses and fissures that are impossiable to scrub and using enough psi to clean the indentations while pressure washing can remove mortor or even cheap brick. If the pressure washer doesn't damage brick but removes too much mortor,tuck pointing new mortor is fairly simple.
I have matched brick color,taped off mortor and spray painted where there was a lot of brick involved and pressure washing was destroying brick. Recapturing sand is difficult on large sand blasting jobs.
A small sand blaster is the best I have found where only a few brick are involved. The tool is inexpensive IF you own or can borrow an air comppresor. Check the required cfm @ psi required then compare to comppressor before buying one. The air consumption is huge so stick with a smaller one unless you have a diesel Sulair unit.

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Using walnut shells or bicarbonate of soda as the blasting agent is a better idea if blasting.

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Most YouTube videos show aggressive use of pressure washer to remove graffiti. I do not have one of those and have never used one. But I will get one.
Lowes Hardware shows Goof Off Pro Strength Graffiti Remover (there is more than one Goof Off aerosol product). It does almost nothing in my test on this paint. Waste of time and money. Lowes shows on their website SOS Seymour Graffiti/paint remover. But did not have it in the local store. Seymour is perhaps the first to package paint in aerosol-- old and respected company and I was hopeful for good results. But not readily available. Lowes did have in the store Motsenbacker's Lift Off. It does have some effect on the paint, perhaps significant with some pressure wash within a few seconds of the Lift Off.
I probably will try a heat gun. It may damage the paint enough to enable easier removal. The only possible damage to the brick from heat would be if trapped moisture turned to steam and caused minor explosions.while escaping. That does happen with the "water of hydration" in concrete as I know from experience. Significant damage when it occurs.
Spray paint on brick is a big problem to remove. The graffiti should be a felony.

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bus_driver wrote "The graffiti should be a felony. "
Some jurisdictitons have set stiff fines and possible jail time for graffiti related to gangs or disparageing religious,sexual orientation and a few others in socity that might be harmed. Problem is a few municipal judges have imposed the harsher penalities on teens painting school mascot or sports team on things. I am in favor of having teens caught doing graffiti spend time removing not only thiers but additional so they realize what a pita it is to remove. I'm subscribed,so let us know what works and what doesn't.

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Graffiti locally is a felony. The problem is catching the perps in the act or on film---fairly elaborate designs often take less than 30 seconds.

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