New 3 coat plaster. Time for wood trim?

jefsboysOctober 30, 2010


About a week and a half ago I put up 3 coat plaster in my living room. I have the picture rail and all other trim removed and sanded and am wondering if now is the time to replace the trim before the plaster is completely dry.

Yes, there is still moisture coming from the walls and as I see it right now there are pros and cons to driving nails in for the trim right now.

Pro.... the plaster is soft and will accept the nails without cracking.

Con?.... will putting the trim up next to damp walls cause mold problems.

Any experience/thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.



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The trim will absorb moisture and swell.

Wait for the plaster to dry and then use a nail gun.

The single blow to drive and countersink the nail is far easier on plaster than repeated hammering.

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