Barrier Vapor for crawlspace

mooieOctober 10, 2008

Do it yourself or have it professionally done? I've been reading back posts on this topic and it really seems to be a toss up. My crawlspace has a dirt floor with 2 vents and the access opening in the foundation. Since I have some health issues with mold and mildew, I'm wanting to put a vapor barrier up or have it done. This 1950's style ranch home has not had the loving treatment it should have over the years, but all still very fixable at this point. But I'm torn over DIY and professional. I don't have much excess cash to spend on this and that fact can actually make my decision for me. Just wondering what you all think? Thanks


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Get the appropriate mask and goggles (you don't want to be exposing yourself to fungus) and put 6 mil poly down. Overlap it two feet and turn it up the walls. Cover it with smooth surface roll roofing if you want to be able to crawl around down there.

If you are sensitive to fungus you might want to hire someone. It's not a big job.

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Well, things are worse than I thought they were. I was just considering a vapor barrier to keep mold and mildew from the house, but after spending the weekend there, scraping wallpaper and preparing walls to paint, I find I'm too late. The west end of the house where the bedrooms are, particularly the one that adjoins the bathroom, were complete with mold and mildew under the wall paper and on into the drywall. Ceiling and walls. Wow, you want to talk about not happy. Am calling my insurance people tomorrow to have them come take a look, have contacted the real estate person who handled this property and will proceed from there. There is no way I can live with mold. I realize most homes have it in one form or another, but I have a feeling this is more than just what I am seeing. Hopefully, I can get some satisfaction from my insurance man. My home policy has the home guard protection on it with mold included. Wish me luck..


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Busy week. Had the home insurance guy come over on Monday to take a look at the mold situation. He said he had never done a mold claim before. But he stepped up to the plate and got a ServPro guy in on Tesday to check things out. It was determined that the stack pipe flashing was failing and water was running down it, into the walls and the ceiling. Insurance is paying for the mold and wall repair which leave me with my deductible and plumber charges.

My feeling is this. I feel this is something that should have been noticed by the previous owners, since they lived there 4 years and I found it in an amazingly short time. I called the PO agent and told her what I found and that I feel as tho they failed to disclose and also covered up with wallpaper. Now, portions of the bathroom and bedroom ceilings and walls will have to be taken out in order for them to treat the mold. This will set my move date back for a few weeks now. Hopefully, things will move along quickly.


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