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ondrea_carina_leafJune 8, 2007

I have a place with available table and chairs. I was thinking about hosting a scrapbooking party. I've never attended one. So question to everyone that has What do I need to do to make it a good one?

Questions such as.... How much notice to advertise?

Do I really need a vendor/seller type person there?

Do I need to have all those fancy die cutters?

Would two people fit on 8 ft tables?

I was thinking of doing a 24 hour scrapping. So would it be feasible for come and go type thing?

Would Friday night Saturday be better than Saturday/ Sunday?

I was thinking All day Saturday would be better than just a Friday eve. I work. Do most Scrappers work Mond-Friday?

What else?

Would providing Work table space, restrooms, coffee/tea maybe cookies be enough to have a nice party or what?


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I started Scrapbooking with my Sister-in-Law and then invited another friend over too. Now, we meet monthly w/ no vendor/seller person. We just share all of our supplies together = and ideas too! Also, our group has grown to about 10 people. As for the tables, we can generally fit 4 on an 8ft table... two to each side.

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Find a couple of people interested an have them ask their friends. Ask people interested in coming over if they will bring everything they use, and hopefully you will have enough to make everyone happy. I would suggest you let people know that they should bring the scrapbooking items they are not using or dont like and have a table for swapping items.

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I am having a few friends over for a scrapbooking party in May I have alot of scrapbooking items to share and also sale. But we usually just get together once a month at each others house and scrap our life away to usually last friday around 6 to saturday 6 We each bring a snack and drinks to share and I have a couple of drawings and maybe a game and we have a blast. And it doesn't cost much because we do it together as friends.

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