This is one slow forum!

browntoestooApril 25, 2003

Are all the single people dead?! Or leading such wild lives they don't have time to visit? If the latter is the case, email me! I want to come, too!


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LOL! I was beginning to think the same thing Eileen. I was thinking since I am not single, maybe I am the only one home on a Friday night. I could use some excitment too. Come on Eileen, let's go!

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Hi Eileen,
I just found this site... I take it that its fairly new. I am single and have been for quite some time. Altho it can be lonely at sure beats being with the wrong person and being lonely in a relationship. I paint so I do alot of teaching...painting..getting together with friends. It would be nice if this forum could get out to more single people.

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I noticed how slow this forum moves compared to others, too. Who knows, maybe there just aren't enough issues about singledom to discuss...


- darkeyedgirl

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I had an exiting Friday night! DD Joann, also single, lives on my property in her own house and we generally have dinner together, usually at my place (better equipped, have dishwasher LOL), but last night I hiked down my hill and up her hill, with two dogs, one on a leash, and a bag holding the local weekly newspaper, one dz. eggs, several CD's and a bottle of wine. I also carried an umbrella, skies were so black!
We had a terrific dinner: Polish sausages, Sourkraut and Potoes with onions and Swiss Cheese - yum and a nice Merlot.
The exiting part was the thunderstorm! And hail! and the dogs all got exited about the thunder! Her windows face the hills to the East and one could see the rain advance, pretty impressive display of Nature. Thunderstorms are not a usual thing where I live, so they count as "events".
We also watched some mallards in the horse arena, digging for worms.
It was a different experience.

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You're right on, Eileen, and it's disappointing. But nobody can say I haven't done my bit to keep things alive here. It's deader than the Dessert forum, and that's saying something!

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It is disappointly slow, isn't it. And I'm afraid I can't help much. Other than the health issue that I've already raised, I really don't have any problems with singledom, as DEG calls it. ;-) I've spent all but 4 of my almost 62 years single and it seems perfectly normal to me.


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Well, that generated a few posts! I think being single creates fewer issues to discuss than being involved does just because one can't effectively have conflict with oneself!


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I agree with all of you about this "slow" forum. I used to log onto "The Single Life" (at a year or so ago) and it was terrific! The topics were interesting and at times people talked to each other almost at "real time" speed. Then this forum went away. I'm not sure why, but I searched for a few months to no avail. I accidently found it again when I was bored and started searching the big forum.

I'm going to try and keep up with this one again, I remember when I loved reading what others had to say....I do remember people would post topics such as, asking questions about certain aspects of dating, relationships, life events, breaking up, and in general how we feel about being single and how we survive in our day to day existance. It was like a group of friends getting together for drinks and just discussing "life".

I hope it can be that way again.....


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Well, I just found this forum and skimming around the dates on posts I'd say, yes, it is a bit on the slow side. Maybe us single follks are more shy and retiring that double folks... is that why we're single?

I recognise some friends from the Garden Party. So, I am.

I'm English, I've lived in the United States since l964 and I now live in Western Washington. I'm near the beach and me and my dog, Scoop, take good long walks if weather and tide allow. Had a good low tide today and pretty decent weather so we were out for about two hours.

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Hi! Oh goody, a live one!

Honestly, I can't think of much to comment on regarding being single. Being single isn't something I have ever enjoyed but it seems to be the state with which I am most familiar. I think some people couple up more easily than others.


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Carrie B

I think one of the difficulties is that "the single life" can mean so many things. And depending on people's circumstances, they may not have "single life" issues so much in common to discuss.

The "single life" could be:

-A life of quiet solitude (and contemplation).

-A busy date filled time.

-A parenting challenge.

and on and on. What is "the single life" anyway? Is this a forum to discuss dating? and if so, dating just for fun or dating to not be single anymore? is it a forum to discuss how to clasp a necklace without help? How to move the couch to the second floor without a partner to help you do it?

It's just such a broad category that it seems like it would be really difficult to meet the needs of those of us living our own version of "the single life".

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Just wanted to say Hi! I've been feeling down tonight. Have been single for years, but now I'm feeling depressed about having no one to share the simple things in life. I think it's quite strange to have left it this late, lol. Tell me what do you do when you are tired of going to events by yourself? tired of listening to your own voice? This feeling will pass, I'm sure, but what do you do till it does?

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I read Garden Web and THS

I know exactly how you feel and you said it very well. most of the time I am content. Some of the time I really wish I was not alone and these times are hard.


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Yes, those times are hard. When I feel that way, I force myself to pick up the phone and call someone to do something with. That's not something I like to do, hence the "force." But it always works. I always feel better after doing the occasional social thing.


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