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lulie___wayneApril 23, 2003

Hi girls/guys. I was out of the GP just looking to see if there was a forum on investments and found this new site. I had no idea that it existed. I recognize some of my buddies from other forums and glad to see them. Although I am not single, Dh and I have many single friends, both male and female, and thought that if I am welcomed here, possibly I could contribute some insight from the experiences of our friends.


Lulie Cosby

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Hello there, Lulie
Nice to see you here .. the GW is just like the small village I live in, one runs into the same nice people everywhere! I am sure everyone joins me to welcome you.

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You are most certainly welcomed here. Nice to meet you.


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Ooooohhh! Fresh meat! LOL! Welcome!


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LOL, Eileen. Thanks everyone for welcoming me so nicely. I was a little afraid that I wouldn't be welcomed. I have a lot of fun with my single friends and I know that I will enjoy you nice people.

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