Dumb question re cordless cellular shades

joaniepoanieJuly 22, 2014

Posted this on the conversation side by mistake.....

OK....I was all set to order these online...the top down bottom up kind...and several websites offer free upgrade to cordless...then it dawned on me that DH and I are too short to reach the top of the window to pull them down. Is our only option to go with cords which break over time? The remote or motorized ones seem unnecessarily expensive. One website wouldn't let you order cords because of the free upgrade. Thanks for any info!

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Do they have a little handle you can grab to pull them down and push them up, or is it just the top of the shade? If it has a clip or something, you can just get one of those reachy-grabby things, keep it nearby and use it to raise and lower the blinds. Also, you can always get them with just the cord for the top and have the bottom cordless.

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We have this kind of blind. The bottom has a little clip pull to attach (I think so that fingers won't be all over the blinds), I could tie a short string to that for bottom down action, though I usually just leave the bottom rail at a height I can reach. I usually just stand on a chair if I want to get the top down. DH is tall enough without. Tibbrix' tool idea is intriguing.

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Good idea Tibb....I just called and they want $35 for those wand things...I have two windows so $70 for two little plastic things? Maybe a long knitting needle with a hook? Thanks!

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This is why duct tape was invented! Make a reachy-grabby thing!

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Or, just go into the kitchen ,grab your potato masher, and use that.

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I have a cordless shade and I don't think the grabby tool will work. I don't think there's enough tab to grab and pull it down straight. When pulling down, you want to keep the tab level and pull down gently. When pushing up, you just guide it and don't really need to use the tabs. I also have the corded top down bottom up shades and hate the cords. It's Hunter Douglas, which is a good brand, but we often have the cords jam or the shade stops just short of the sill. I should see if they'll send someone out to adjust them as I've read they have great customer service.

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Thanks mayflowers....we had corded TD/BU shades and had the same problems...cords jammed, broke, etc...think I will take my chances with the cordless and make them work somehow.

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i have one of those grabbers and i don't think it would work either... better for wider relatively ltwt objects...
i just ordered some top down shades and i decided not to go cordless because it wasn't a free upgrade with the co i went with and they're for a bathroom and i don't anticipate moving them very much. my bro has cordless shades and they're great ... don't know if i would want them tho if i was short or if the window was very tall...

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The other thing to consider with cordless shades is if there will be furniture in front of the window. If there is, even taller people can have a difficult time reaching the top of the shade.

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Meh. Just get the cordless and make your life easier . My top-down cellular shades have the cords, and still I get up every day and put one foot in front of the other despite that fact!

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Not a dumb question at all! I just barely can reach my top downs with no furniture in front of them. In another room I have been debating cordless/corded/tdbu/bu with 6 windows where I DO have furniture in front of one of them. I have been wondering how to deal with it, when I recently had an epiphany. I was visiting my sister after her hip replacement surgery and she had all these interesting implements for various tasks. As soon as I saw her sock puller, I had a vision of a DIY cordless TDBU implement. Here it is. It works great. The L-shape was actually more useful than the cup-hook but it varies depending on direction I was going.

My existing cordless tabs have a hole in them. Not all will have this hole, but I think that is ok. The hook can still grab as needed. I could do mine w/o using the hole.

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Holly- Kay

I know not a blessed thing about the motorized blinds but I would caution anyone going that route to find out about the battery that is used.

I own a battery business and one thing that I see on a regular basis is customers that are finding it impossible to find a battery pack that has been discontinued. Do your homework and ensure that the battery, batteries, or battery pack used in the product is readily available to the consumer.

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I considered remote motorized but decided against. Too much money to justify when only 1 window (out of 6) is inaccessible. Plus access to the headrail to change batteries would be big pain.

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