Molding on exterior window sill : name?

linnea56October 27, 2013

I need the name of the molding that extends an exterior window sill.

I saw some rot on an exterior window sill, that is on two double hung windows framed together. So I pulled the piece off to see how bad it was. I don't know the right terminology here.

The wood window dates to 1986, and was a pre-hung/pre-fab item, the kind that is inserted into the wall opening, then molding added inside and out. The window has a regular sill, part of the pre-fab unit. Then there is a piece of trim added to the sill that essentially extends it, and overlaps the top edge of the aluminum siding. It's not "brick mold". That's along the sides and top. It's not an apron, like on the inside: there is none.

The rot was bad, so I need to replace this strip. The dimensions that are visible are 1 1/2" by 1 1/4" (actual size, not nominal). It is the now-visible inside of this strip that confounds me. The profile is a series of small steps. If I use an ordinary (nominal) 2 x 2, it is never going to fit right.

Given that this is a developer house, this must be a ready made type of molding. What is the name, and can I find this is in a standard home improvement store?

Thanks for your help.

Underside :

End view. In this shot the surface facing toward the top was that which extended the window sill. The surface facing right was perpendicular to the ground.

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It is called "sill nosing".

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Thanks! I knew it had to have a name.

Now I just have to find a place that carries it. Just checked Menards and Home Depot, they donâÂÂt have it. Contractors who replace these must have other options. I am just going to have to cobble it up out of the 1 x 2 cedar I bought yesterday before I had this piece off to look at it.

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It's carried at NORMAL lumber suppliers.

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You mean a lumber yard? None around here. I can search around tomrrow, but I need to get this done quickly. Husband is really annoyed that I decided to tackle this now. But I was afraid to let it go over the winter. The sill is out there exposed now. I soaked it in wood preservative yesterday.

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I checked a few places. None have my same profile. It looks like I will either have to build this up out out of several different cuts of wood, like a 1 x 2 in cedar and a small strip of 1 /2â x 1/ 2âÂÂ, which I donâÂÂt think I can find in any exterior grade of wood (I had a square dowel laying around that fit well into the gap, but it is not exterior grade. ).

Alternative is to buy PVC sill , which not the right profile either, but which perhaps I can trim down that projection on the lower left inside edge, if I can use a box cutter or hand saw to do it.

What do you think is preferable? I hate to go to all this trouble, only to have more problems down the road. IâÂÂm thinking the PVC would at least avoid rot issues from using the wrong kind of wood. I donâÂÂt like this jerry-rigging.

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Buy a piece of redwood and find a cabinet shop or a handyman with a table saw and ask them to replicate it, or order it from an on-line supplier.

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