Making a pair of boys short pants

brenpleasApril 10, 2013

How much should I charge to make a pair of little boys short pants? These are plain, unlined with elastic in the waist.The customer provides the fabric, I provide the thread, elastic and labor.
Thanks for any input.

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Minimum wage plus if you can get it. I charge that for making anything anymore. I charge less if it is for someone that is disabled as they cannot help needing the changes.

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I would charge $10. I have a boutique kids clothes business. I've gotten completely out of making custom items as it costs more in the long run and I usually end up losing money when I make things like this.

But $10 is about what I would sell a simple pair of boys shorts for(depending on the size)if I furnish the fabric.that would be basic, no pockets or anything extra on them,unlined.

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You are teaching people to de-value sewing at those prices.

These responses explain why people walk into dry cleaners and professional alteration businesses and act disappointed that we charge according to our skills. Their Grandmother didn't charge them, so any money we collect is excessive. Unlike Grandma, we're not sitting in front of the TV hemming something for someone we love. We're putting food on the table.

I would want to know why someone is making shorts when they could be purchased for less than the retail cost of the fabric. Shorts at the big box store start at $7 new, and likely less than that on sale. They would be even less at Salvation Army.

Why work for minimum wage? Cashiering at the same big box store pays more than that.

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Regarding the last response, not very nice and unless you sew professionally, not a good or knowledgable one either. The O P asked what we charged a nd we told her. I don't think $10 for half an hours work is too bad.

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I do sew professionally, as a matter of fact, and have for 35 years. That's quite a bit of experience and knowledge, too. I deal with the fallout of people who sew for practically nothing, (quite often home sewers who don't sew for profit) and explain why we "charge so much."

Thread, elastic and wear and tear on the sewing machine, lights, iron, gas for trips to the store, etc. If you kept records, (I'm betting you don't) you would be surprised at how little you made. You're quite likely not making $20 an hour. Teaching people to expect something for nothing makes it hard for those in the trade who have to earn a living.

You said in your own post that making custom items was not profitable, so I'm wondering why you disagree with me?

I sorry that my working for filthy lucre offends you.

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I have a business license, and I pay sales tax as well as income tax pn my profit. I also pay an employee as well as myself. I own and operate a boutique sewing business that has two sales outlets as well as a few custom orders that i am very selective about accepting.
I keep detailed records of expenses, sales, etc. also mileage for my car. I have a professional accountant that does my books.

Sounds like someone tinkled in your Cheerios , or do you always have such a pleasant disposition? If you treat your customers the way you have talked on this thread, I doubt you have much business to speak of.

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When I express the opinion that skilled labor should be paid more than minimum wage, you termed it "mean." I don't see it as a controversial idea, and certainly not mean-spirited. And I stand by that opinion, even if it does sound as if in your phrasing, someone tinkled in my Cheerios. I still think it's odd to tell her it's "good money" when you mention in your own previous post it wasn't good enough for you.

Sorry if I misjudged you. You clearly have your act together, but many people like the OP are sewing from their homes for next to nothing, and not making money at all. Because they don't account for their expenses, they don't know it. That was what, in my ham-handed way, I was trying to point out. Clearly, I failed.

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