satine_gwApril 3, 2009

Ok, so what is everyone up to this weekend? I don't have much at all planned. Hopefully I can get the first floor of the house straighted up a bit (nobody but me sees the upstairs) and maybe clean the front flower (weed) bed out. My usual group seems to be no more so I'll have more time than usual. I have a wedding shower and wedding coming up so I may pick up the gifts for those events. I am hoping to be able to figure out how to make a cross out of palms so that after church on Sunday I can visit the cemetery and place the cross and flowers at my husband's grave. I don't go very often but always for the holidays and change of seasons. So what are you up to?? Satine

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Looks like the gremlins got to our site too - this post is just showing up. Satine, sounds like we have similar plans. I'm all on one floor but I did straighten up the front. Now the back, where my bedroom hangs out, is a different story. I might start that now because I want to get out front to weed the beds out front, on tomorrow. If I had done it today, I think I would have been knocked out by one of my trash cans. That wind was something else - especially last night. I must have a wind tunnel in my backyard. There is an open breezeway between my house and an attached storage shed, and EVERYTHING blows right through. Even if the trash cans and recyle bins are tightly covered, I end up picking everything all over the yard, the next day. Once, all the recycle found a way to jump the fence and end up in my front yard. SO, Sunday will be my day to do yardwork. It's supposed to be pretty nice - like today, but without the wind. Also need to finish taxes - YUK. I always wait 'til the last minute because I always owe. One day I'll figure out a way not to do that, and still be able to live decently throughout the year. Oh well, someone has to bail the country out. May as well do my part.

How is everyone else doing?


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Well let's see, the weekend is over but this is what I did, but will start from Thursday. Met up with friends at karoke and had a great time, although I do not do karoke, but I got to dance. Saturday, felt like it was a day of rest for me, but I went to a class at a nearby nursery on organic gardening of veggies and fruit trees at 11 AM. I was so proud of myself that all I spent was $1.66! I bought three small terracotta pots. Always when I go to that nursery, I spent $40 on up! Came home, had lunch and watched tv. Today, washed two loads of clothes, went to church at 10:30 AM, after church went to lunch with a friend until 3 PM, came home and got on the computer. Later, I went outside weeded a bit, planted two bearded irises and one daylily and repotted a meyer lemon. The three small pots I bought yesterday were used as pot feet :-) Now, I should get off the computer and get something to eat!

A wonderful week to all!

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