No water to fridge??

jockewingOctober 11, 2008

Last week I pulled the refrigerator out from the wall to paint behind it. The last couple of days I noticed no ice. I thought maybe I turned off the shut off valve, but now it seems like no water at all will come out of the valve at all. How in the world does that break? All the other faucets in the house work! So frustrating! How can I fix this? Do these valves go bad?

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What type of water line goes to the fridge?
A poorly installed copper line can easily kink and shot off the water flow.

What type of valve?
The 'saddle' valves that clamp on a pipe and then punch a hole are not actually code listed most places, but get used as an expedient.
They can easily clog and often fail to seal if closed.

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