'Too Hot Not to Handle'

timelessrogueApril 25, 2006

There is currently showing on HBO a 'must watch' feature titled 'Too Hot Not to Handle' about current global environmental changes (also known as 'global warming') and the effects we are having on this planet we call home ... changes we are causing and the consequences of those changes both short and long term. Also discussed, even though only briefly, are some of the new living 'habits' we can implement to mitigate and in most cases reverse those changes ... provided we choose to ... and provided we choose to before it's too late.

As I said, I feel this is a 'must watch' for all of us ... and our children ...

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Who cares if it's utterly off topic? It's the the end of the world.

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Okay, Asolo ... I've move the thread ... sorta ... to The Garden Party so you can relax now. My mistake ... just never occurred to me that the subject would be so 'off topic' as to draw criticism. So chill, okay? Don't need any more whining than there already is here ...

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Pay no attention to asolo, timelessrogue. He could have just SOB... scrolled on by.

I agree it's a must-see.


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