Is this as bad as it looks?

scot2roonOctober 17, 2012

We are in process of purchasing this house and home inspector discovered three trusses were cut to accomodate heating/AC unit which was placed in attic. Is this normal? It would appear that this would compromise structure. Any experts out there who can advise us? We realize we probably need a structural engineer but before we pay for that we were just wondering how big a problem this might be. Thanks!

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you don't show the top. did they add collar ties above the unit?

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Unfortunately this is only photo I have at this time. Will try to get more. Thanks!

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Absent an engineer's seal on a document the trusses are compromised.

ANY cutting of manufactured trusses requires a PE seal.

The manufacturer's will often provide limited modification advice.

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Thanks for your reply; we will try and get a structural engineer to evaluate before we go further with this transaction.

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