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bunnymanApril 28, 2005

Pretty much means everyone on this forum.

Thought I'd start a new thread with no topic in particular. Suppose I could comment on the weather... Michigan is shaking off the last of winter. We had a foot of snow fall last weekend but it has melted away already. Sort of windy and rainy which is good because we need the rainfall. My garden has been plowed and the open ground is soaking up the water real nice. I've got some tomatos, sunflowers, and even corn started indoors. If the corn makes it to the outdoors I should have it ready in July. I used seed leftover from last year and the hybred tomato seeds don't look like they survived very well with only very few germinating. The amish pasta tomatos and the romas look like they are ready to go with 100 % germination. The sunflowers are also down on germination. Still very early and I'm confident there will be lots of time to get everything I want. Work just e-mailed and said I don't have to be in early today. Whee... a whole extra hour. Doing a load of laundry to celebrate.

: )


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Wee --- don't celebrate too hard. But, like they say, "a woman's work is never done". :-)

I get to work an extra hour as I have a friend going to my house after work to check on my dogs --- that way I can go directly from work to class tonight. Saves me about a 20 mile run in the opposite direction.

Weather here in FL is nice - not too hot yet! But, I work on the shuttle and it doesn't look good for the May 22 launch date ... the decision to roll back to perform another modification will probably be made and announced in the news tomorrow. I thought we weren't going to drag this out like after Challenger ... but I think it's pretty close. It's a risky business - no matter how many changes are made, there's hundreds of other possibilities lurking in the background ....

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Oklahoma weather, what can you say. 70 something today, high of 63 tomorrow.

I planted a wisteria vine this year. Staked it up next to the clothesline and if it lives and grows I hope it goes all the way across the line.

Weekend plans--start watching the 2nd season of 24.

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If I were President I'd take the space shuttle out for a spin.

: )

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Wow Jules... One of the things on my "to do" list is to see a space shuttle or rocket launch. Would love to go up in one, but that probably won't happen. I guess I would be a Lurker. It is just that i don't seem to have much spare time right now to do a lot of posting. Hard to believe that today is the 2nd of May and we had flurries! I can't wait until spring... lol


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Joules, I'm jealous, sounds like such a cool job. What do you do exactly?

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Wow - some activity on the Singles Site!!!

On the shuttle scene ... seeing a launch from I am a mechanical engineer and work with the hardware in the shuttle crew module (stuff like the astronaut seats, lockers, cameras, pottie, galley, etc) and with the EVA equipment in the payload bay (like the tethers that restrain the astronauts during a spacewalk). It can be very interesting - but w/o a launch - this hardware isn't even a thought. Highlights are meeting with the crew when they come to check out their shuttle. Amazing that some have trained for years, but never seen the real thing. These guys (and girls, of course) are just regular people --- only a few exhibit the steriotypical arrogance that is sometimes expected. I partied the the crew that flew with John Glenn (amazing stamina that guy) at their beach condo - really amazing night. They all put on jeans, switched the TV to a movie on the Comedy channel (maybe BeetleJuice?), and then made killer margarittas! There were three tornato's that night - and we were oblivious - thinking "gee, it's really windy on the balcony". One girl that I got to know really well is single, 38, pretty. I remember thinking what it must be like for her meeting guys ... the whole "and what do you do" thing .... her, "Oh, I'm an astronaut". Killer!!!
Problem is, after being here about 8-10 yrs, you get burn out. Mostly due to the red tape, inconsistencies, poor management and continuall improvement program stuff (we call them the "ask and ignore" programs). I've been here over 15 yrs - I need a good kick in the butt --- so med school, here I come. Not really, but I sure would love to take it that far!

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Your on Joules... Just hope it is a summer launch. about the only time i can get a few days off. If I take a train ride there, I can cross off another thing on my to do list. Not that I think I am going to die soon, but I am turning 37 next month and really haven't done anything really exicting. Okay, in January I hopped on a plane for the first time and flew to Turkey to chase after a girl. 24hours, 3 plane changes and 6100 miles later I was there. It didn't work out, but man what a rush. Loved the feel of power when the A340 airbus took off. Can only imagine the feeling when strapped into the spaceshuttle with thousands of pounds of thrust pushing you back into your seat.
You talk about the girl saying she is an astronaut. Well from what you say about your job, you would be a rocket scientist. Would be hard to top that. lol
I hear you on the red tape. I work as a computer tech at a school district and it is everywhere. It gets even more frustrating when my "boss" makes 3 times as much as i do and I don't even think she could turn on a computer. I have only been at this job for a year, but so far, so good. Just 25 more years and I can retire... right now just looking forward to summer. Getting tired of working all this overtime right now.
Okay, I have done my part to keep this moving, now everyone else step up to the plate and take a swing at it.

Mike (aka computergeek says my daughter)

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Hi Mike!

Golly, maybe our bosses are related. Mine can turn it on for the most part. Recently commented, "I need a calendar..what date is it?" as he sat with his hand on the mouse.

Joules.....I think you could be a bit intimidating to men too. I've never seen the shuttle land at Edwards AFB but sometimes there's not a lot of notice. My DB works at Vandenburg. He's flown FL to do something, radar related, for a launch.


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I saw one of the early shuttle launchs from MacDill AFB where I was stationed. Even from the other side of Florida it is an impressive sight. Last time I had children living with me we took them to the Cape. I was most taken by the Saturn V but then that was the big rocket when I was a kid. Must agree Joules... you have the coolest job on the singles forum.

Moved my corn plants outside! The sunflowers and tomatoes I thought were old seed have all sprouted now. I've got my tractor set up for the summer. Probably spend much of the weekend on mowing down some brush.

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Powertoolgeek --- I'd say going to Turkey itself is pretty exciting --- not to mention chasing some gal! Sorry it didn't work out - but man, what a story - great fodder (sp?). One thing I frequently hear in regard to a shuttle ride: just remember, the thing is being processed by the lowest bidder. Yikes.

Thanks bunnyman - maybe thinking my job is cool will give me motivation ... least for the rest of the workday! Have a good (and safe) weekend on the tractor!

No plans for my weekend. Oh, well, there is one little thing ... first blind date EVER tomorrow (maybe - if he calls back to confirm). Long distance set up via my aunt. She thought he seemed just wonderful ... I don't know. I don't have much time for dating, and the prelim phone call didn't leave me too impressed. That was the problem: I felt like he was either trying too hard to impress me or he is too impressed with himself. Too much talk about busy social calendar, number of expensive toys and real-estate. Let you all know if/how it turns out.

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joules, well, how did the blind date turn out? It sounds like he was into himself, with all the talk of what he had material wise.

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