Dry vent causing ice

talthoffOctober 25, 2012

I know it's not winter yet...trying to stop this issue I had in years past.

I have a two story house with large, think either 18-24", overhangs. Our dryer is in the basement and vent is just above ground level. The problem i am having is the hot air travels up the house and settles under the overhang and melts the snow on the roof. This is causing large icicles.

What would you do to correct the issue?

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Extend the vent out away from the house.

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This is hard to believe. Do you have pictures?

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I agree with ionized. How do you know the problem is your dryer vent? Are you just assuming or have you actually stopped using your dryer and the problem went away? It seems to me that the air would be cooled long before it reached your overhang.

Are you sure there isn't just a problem with your insulation in the attic?

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It does sound unlikely - is the vent pointing upwards?

It does seem to be a long way away from the vent. Mine points down, and clears the snow and ice for a couple of feet around, but that's it. No icicles.

I have to agree, it sounds like a coincidence. Check for missing insulation, uninsulated exhaust fan ducts or heat ducts running through that part of the ceiling.

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