ah, well;

DickenApril 1, 2003

while just looking around, a week or so ago, i found this place for singles and sneaked in [i'm not single-you see] to see what those whom are talk 'shop-talk' about [this is serious lurking].

nothing lurid. some latent anger, some latent loneliness and a lot of comments by folks 'just getting on' [just as you'd expect].

i did pick up on one thing, though, that nobody commented on: the fact that this board had been 'here' once before, was apparently taken away, and is now restored [for which all were pleased].

hey, y'all; when a board goes off into nowhere it's usually because of a lack of activity. it can be something you enjoy only if you use it. to let it sit idle for days and days on end is something like the kiss of death.

for whatever it's worth.


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Don't know this for certain since I wasn't here at the time myself but I've heard that the reason the board was pulled had more to do with threads that were - um, inappropriate for general readership.

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Censorship can be fatal to a forum such as this. People need to vent, and it can be done with 'taste'. I think everyone's a bit nervous, actually, unsure of what constitutes an acceptable topic for discussion.

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I was on the "old board" and I do know exactly what happened to it. It became a chat room where singles issues and relationship issues were totally ignored, and only those who "owned" the "chatroom" were talking to each other.

- darkeyedgirl

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Hmm...I thought the reason it was pulled was because it got so it tended too much toward...uh...innuendos and...uh discussion of sexual techniques and...uh "equipment"...
Hey, Dicken?....Does Barbara know you're hangin' out with single wimmen??
Linda C

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Oh yes, Dicken
what are you doing here?

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Shoot, I missed all the fun on the first board!

So, Dicken, trying to live the single life vicariously? You're welcome to my life! Pretty dull stuff.


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LindaC, you ever go to the Outdoor Cooking forum? Seems like it is little more than a bunch of guys talking about and comparing their equipment. Very few threads concern BBQing or grilling.

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I ought to stop here more often!!! Yeah....Pete....I stop over at the BBQ place every now and then....but seems all the talk is about how hot is gets!! No technique at all....no recipes even....
Linda C

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