Good Morning Everyone

emmaApril 6, 2013

It is such a beautiful day here in Kansas and I feel great I hope you all feel the same. I received a very nice email this AM from my little sister in Ohio and that topped off this beautiful morning. I have my music on,which I call therapy for the soul. Later I am going out in the trees...poison ivy and al,l to pick up some trash that has collected there over the winter months. Have a nice day everyone.

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Well, it's not a good morning this time. I was awaken by a phone call from an hysterical woman (sister) who has finally seeeen the light! She finally realizes she is to blame for her being alienated from the family. She still doesn't understand why her advice upset us, she was just sharing her knowledge. She is afraid she will be the only one of us in heaven. One of my mantras is: This to shall pass, this to will pass, this to will pass............

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Hi, Emma - it's been a long winter, imho! If your Sis feels she's the only family member allowed in heaven, tell her you'll save her a spot in 'the other place' if she wants you all to be together!

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That's a good one, I wish I had thought of it. We have been telling her for years that we don't want to hear it. She really thinks we are lost. I don't think I have ever been around anyone as upset as she was. It was really sad. My younger sister is a joy to be around. She is the only one of us 4 that has successful children and the older sister told her they were going to hell because they were Catholics. My little sister reacted like a mother bear protecting her cubs. It is a good thing they are a couple of thousand miles apart.

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Emma, remind her that 'religion' is just a regular business, out to make money. It makes no difference which church/business you participate in - the end result is the same. It's what you believe in your heart that matters.

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Her problem is she doesn't listen to things she doesn't agree with, closes her mind to any different than she believes. When she called me and took responsibility for the problems she finally understood she created the break in the family but doesn't understand why we can't accept her the way she is. She doesn't remember saying and doing the things she did. She is also a health nut and we have had to live with "I could fix your health problems, but no one wants to hear it." At one time she was taking 72 pills a day to detox herself. I personally think they have affected her behavior. I think she is drugged out of her mind just like a street user.

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I'm living this nightmare right now with my sister. She isn't a health nut though -- just a nut. To your face, she's the most charming person on the planet. As soon as you turn your back, the knife goes in, and no one is excepted -- not even her mother or her two SIL's, and especially not her only sister.

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I never ever thought I would end my life alone. I have two sons and 3 sisters and here I sit alone. Part of it is my choice because I want peace in the years I have left. Two of my sisters have always said hurtful things to me I finally confronted them with it in my 60's and neither remembered saying it. I guess they were just treating me like I was still a kid.

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Emma, you just come and visit me in NW Florida - it's beautiful here year around and you are more than welcome to come down for a few days.

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Thank you Kay but this is the life I have chosen. I could visit my Sis who lives in this city or my nieces, but there is so much ...don't even know what to call it, garbage is the only thing I can think of. So much stuff you have to put up with, besides the dozen or so dogs she has in the house.

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