Kitchen Remodel on a ShoeString in Westchester, NY

6kateMay 8, 2013

I have finally settled on a kitchen plan for my 8'x8' kitchen using Ikea Applad cabs. Would really appreciate advice/recome,ndations on the following.

1) Countertops..Veering towards the WilsonArt HD. Is Granite that much better and will the Ikea countertops be strong enough to support it? Could anyone reccomend a fabricator/installer for the WilsonArt? I believe that is the best in the area if I decide to go the granite route. Any other suggestions, please?

2) My condo is above grade, and the kitchen floor is cement. Was thinking of installing Dri-core and then sheet vinyl above that. Question is, a) is it better to use a single sheet of plywood instead b) something between the plywood and vinyl c) Under the cabs or just in the exposed areas and of course under the appliances?

Thanks very much.

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All DIY? For countertops you can buy them at HD or Lowes. You can install yourself or have them installed by those who you purchase from. We don't know where you live to recommend anyone.

Search this site for info on the pro/cons of different types of countertops.

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Thanks.. No not DIY at all. Saw the ones at HD which I liked so looking for an installer. I am in Yorktown Heights, NY.

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Are you waiting until IKEA has their next sale? Also, our IKEA has good deals on countertops. BTW, I like the APPLAD.

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May wait or installer may combine with another customer's order and I get the discount anyway. I like Ikea, thing is finding someone to do the install etc. Thanks for the comment re Applad. I was worried after hearing all the naysayers of Ikea. Which Ikea do you use? I went to the one in New Haven.

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Just hire HD to install.

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HD does not do an install on it's ready made countertops.

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Well keep in mind that it is very easy to install the readymade counters. We have done it with laminate and granite.

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Thanks Debra. I am not handy. You mentioned that you had got HD to install? Was that on the readymade counters? they told me they only do install if they fabricate the custom ones.

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I have not seen the Wilson Art HD in ready-made in the stores. I used a local cabinet maker for my Wilson Art counters; he came and made exact measurements and ordered from his supplier. He also covered a bar/peninsula type area in just the sheet laminate without having to re-fabricate (per his recommendation).

I saved a significant amount of money by going local. Plus when he brought one of the sections from his shop, the molded backsplash was not fitting the wall well (curvy wall - not his fault). Rather than use a bunch of ugly caulk, he took it back to his shop and worked his magic with his tools to make a perfect fitting counter.

Do you have any local cabinet makers that you can use? The good ones can be so helpful.

That reminds me - my DD just ordered new vanities, cabinets, and mirrors for two small bathroom upgrades. She priced Kraftmaid at Lowes and the small local shop. She saved a ton of money by going with the small kitchen/bath shop.

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Thanks for sharing the thoughts on finding a local person. It is a possibility but the few stores I visited were not impressive. References in the Westchester area would be very welcome.

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No sorry for any confusion we didn't have HD install anything. We are all DIY, (only kitchen granite was by pros). I do know that HD and lowes will install but it may be the custom laminate.

So you talked to some local places about laminate and you were not impressed? What were the issues with them? I'm at the other end of the state so no referals for you.

What I will say is get lots of estimates. Don't assume anything. Don't assume what something will cost. Get estimates from HD, lowes, local places, etc. Thats on cabinets, counters, everything.

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