Good morning all

stargazzerApril 18, 2009

I am up and and finished with the morning routine. I started the laundry and am going to fix my breakfast. I think I will have smoked sausage, eggs, toast, gravy and juice, followed by coffee and coffee cake. Sounds like I eat like a lumber jack. I am finally recovering from the measurements of my movement taken a week ago, took me a week. I am not going to let them hurt me that way again. She kept saying a little more, a little more. I think they want a good report card for themselves.

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Hi Stargazzer, just read your Sat post. I don't have a computer at home so only check in during the week. Sorry you had so much trouble with your PT and that it is taking so long to recover. I had a busy weekend cleaning the garage (shoveling it out is more like it) so the garage door opener could be installed. Then I did some laundry, did a little bit of yardwork then went out to dinner with friends. Sunday it was church, grocery, Target and then to my daughter's for my GD's 6th Birthday. All in all a good weekend. Check in soon. Satine

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Hi Satine. I will probably quit posting soon. sometimes I post and read to much during the day then burn out a little and find something else today. And there is not enough activity in this forum to keep it interesting. The step family and the marriage forum is so depressing for me, some of it is very sad. It's hard to be upbeat if I read there to much. It has made me realize how good my marriage and steps were. LOL

I am going to Branson, MO for a couple of nights and maybe that will be good for me. I'm going to see the Oak Ridge Boys, they are probably 100 years old by now. LOL

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Oak Ridge Boys!! OMG, they are old!!

Don't stop posting. I know how it is on this Forum, but we need all the help we can get. If for no other reason, it's good to know someone else is out there. I know that I spend entirely too much time here in the evenings, so I've been trying to take care of some things I need to do besides sit here and read ALL the posts of the day - and ones' I've missed over the past few days. But when I come here it brings a smile to see a few familiar faces. I'll try to do my part to keep it up too.

Not much else is going on for me. I know the weather is going to be fantabulously beautiful this weekend. Hopefully I can get out in the yard. We've had rain lately so the grass is really nice, especially since the guy that cuts it finally realized that zoiza needs to be cut short the first time - YIPPEEEEEE! Now if I can only keep up with the weeds. The only other really exciting thing - which really isn't good, is that unfortunately, there is a budding Meaasles pandimonium going on here. I MAY have had a very mild case, but the Dr. said No. It haunts me though, every time I see pics on the news of victims. They look like I looked a couple of weeks ago. Dr. said it was an allergy to antibiotic. I don't think so though because it was so long after having started, and I've gone into shock before with another type. Hopefully it wasn't Measles, but I know I was pretty sick for about a week. I hope it doesn't spread to many others around here - you really don't feel good with Measles, and it can be deadly.

Now, on to the bigger message - everyone else here, check in. Lurking is good but it would be nice to chat every once in a while.

Night all


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