what should I pay relative for making valences?

kriszApril 26, 2008

DH's SIL sews as a business. I asked her to make valences for me. She did but when I asked what I owed, she said whatever you are comfortable with. I said I would be comfortable paying whatever she would charge anyone. She said forget it. Anyway can anyone tell me what would be reasonable? I sent my old valences as a pattern. She made 3 for 6ft. wide windows and one for a 10ft window. I paid for fabric. I was wondering if $200-300 would be appropriate or is that too little?



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$300 is about right in my area. You can also check with other fabricators in your area.

Do pay her what she's worth. And tell her to stand up for what she's worth, too!

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As Mary said, pricing really depends on where you live.

Generally workrooms price sewing labor by the running foot for top treatments and you had 28' total. In my area $10/ft ($280) would be really low.

But she did this for family. It was a kind and gracious thing to do and anything you send as a "thank you" would be welcomed I am sure because she isn't expecting anything.

Instead of writing her a check perhaps you should send a gift certificate and a really nice restaurant or spa. Something special so she can treat herself!

Good luck,

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Thanks for the responses. This relative lives a 3hr drive from us, and I don't really know what sort of gift certificate she'd like. If you have suggestions, please make them. I don't know spas in her area, and she doesn't strike me as someone who would enjoy that. She and her husband just returned from a trip to France, have two sons in higher education and I just thought she might prefer cash, but maybe something else would be better.

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We have a drapery workroom in LA and do a lot of Beverly Hills and Bel Air homes. Our prices are fair but at the top end for our area. We charge 50/foot for solid valances. Padded, installed, etc. This does NOT include fabric but does include batting, lining, wood, metal brackets, and our installation labor. Just the install by itself our labor to install is $10/foot. If it is a solid valance and padded, trimmed out with a cording or gimp, and of course the fabric is perfectly matched all the way across - you should figure that your friend/relative spent about $5/foot on just the particle board or plywood, batting, lining, materials, etc. So to be "nice" add that on to whatever you are going to pay for their labor. It's a "real" cost that most people forget to even think about. This is OVER and ABOVE the face fabric and trim, of course. As long as you're paying under $30/foot total, you're getting off easy! Believe me!

We did a window wall (2 story room 28' total from ceiling to floor) and the windows were 54 feet long. The top had a motorized solar shade installed, then sheers (motorized) under that, and finally a top drape of midnight blue velvet. The over drape was lined and inner lined for total blackout when desired.

The valance needed to hide the motorized rods, the solar shade housing and controls, etc. was about 20" deep, and 4' high, and of course 54' long. It was made in three sections, but when installed it looked like one single piece. That valance treatment alone was billed at $2700 PLUS a 20% up-charge for the absolute horror of going up a 22 foot ladder to install it. The window itself with solar shade, sheers, and over-drape was over $22,000 to finish. The home owner was amazed we could do it for that!

Oh, and the silk velvet she picked was NOT included in the $22000 price. She paid for that directly.

The final bill however did include the silk sheers, the solar shade, and fabrication, the top drape, lining and inner lining, motorized rods, controls, etc. It was dazzling when the afternoon sun hit the window and the solar shades lowered into place automatically. The sheers and outer drape also closed on a timed cycle and opened each morning on a command from the household management system that calculated sun rise and sunset for each day. Neat toys, although pricey ones.

Be generous with your relative. This is not easy to do if it's done right.

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