joulesR4meApril 13, 2004

Well, IÂve been snooping on this forum for about a year  never contributing because I was afraid to subscribe ... or something like that. I check to see if anything is new frequently and am always disappointed when there isnÂt  so IÂll try to "help myself" by adding some topics.

I re-entered the single life about 5 years ago and have been loving it! I have enjoyed making choices (both bad & good) that donÂt directly affect anyone and not having to be too awfully accountable. I spend way too much time with home improvement projects and my dogs. I thought I was a confirmed single gal, but met a nice guy about 6 months ago. We have some Significant differences (age, education, finances, you name it), so I canÂt begin to predict where this relationship is headed. Regardless, I still consider myself single (even though a couple of my single single girlfriends donÂt)???? IÂm looking forward to being part of this forum!

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We are THRILLED to welcome you here! This board is always controversial, to say the least. We are all buddys and pals, sharing good and bad, offering support, love and encouragement.

Please, feel free to offer any 'help' you care to - we vent, yell, laugh and cry - welcome to our world - We are thrilled to include you in our family!

Sometimes family members get caught up in the daily routine of living, too busy to be here often, but we always return.

You will really like it here, I feel certain!!!!

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add my welcome to the many you will receive here! Tell us about your dogs and Florida life in general. Do you garden? Also want to hear about the home improvements.

and, of course, when you know us better, a little more information about the SO ;-)


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Hi joules!
Need more info on the SO!! I need to live vicariously through others for a while -
looking forward to seeing you on the forum.

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Welcome to the board, joules....I look forward to seeing your posts.

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Welcome joules. Glad you joined the group.


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Thanks for the warm welcome. I should have put some info on My Page the other evening, but it was already too late when I decided to subscribe ÂIÂm not particularly computer literate.

Yes, I love to garden! Unfortunately, IÂve been so busy with the interior of my home that I havenÂt yet gotten to the exterior. I designed a landscape plan over two years ago and still have yet to start. Maybe this year????

My home projects are all over the place. I have an older home that was probably in "move-in condition", but IÂm a busy-body. I refinished the wood floors, installed new countertops & "rejuvenated" cabinets, replaced windows, installed lots of lighting, reupholstered a sectional, painted (& repainted) too many times, added 2 decks, and changed decorating styles about a million times, etc. My focus right now is completing my home office. IÂm starting with the fun part, decorating, and then will tackle the filing.

I have two whippets that I dote on constantly. I feel a huge responsibility to them and worry too much. Most of my matters are put through the "Fur-Kid Filter" before I make a final decision.

Oh, I grew up on the east coast of central FL. IÂm in the same county that I moved to when I was 4! I canÂt imagine being away from the ocean. IÂm a mechanical engineer by trade, but a starving artist at heart. In fact, thatÂs my "queue" Â if IÂm out with my friends and they hear me respond to a guy, who asks what I do for a living, "Oh, IÂm an artist - I paint the names on boats down at the marina," they know I want HELP. I might miss out, but I hadnÂt been interested in getting to know anyone for years. IÂve been truly content with my single life for years.

So, guess you want some info on Mr. Wonderful. WeÂd known each other for over a year, but with no romantic ideas. After an innocent party and too much Absolut (really - watch that stuff guys) we ended up talking till the next morning. I have no idea what was said, but heÂs been around ever since! This is the boyfriend Everyone Else had in high school  the one that brings you stuffies when youÂre sick, flowers when your sad (or happy), remembers your first date, etc. A true sweetie  and a hottie! Though our "outside" differences are considerable, our personalities and basic values are very similar. My gut warns me that it wonÂt materialize, but I still hope it will Â

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~laughing~ "won't materialize"????
sounds like its already materializing to me. Enjoy!

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IMHO, there is a big difference in "is materializing" and the actual event happening - LOL - most fellas I have known are content to leave it in the 'materializing' stage indefinently! It's up to we gals to say 'time to stop 'materializing' and let's 'materialize' into a couple. That's when many get up and flee for their lives (read wallets). I speak from experience!!!

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