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hilltop_gwJuly 21, 2014

Awhile back I posted that I was looking at different dining chairs to update the look. I like my table, the size, the laminate top, etc. Even tho it's nearly 35 years old, it's held up well, and stretches out nicely to seat up to 12.

I finally bought new chairs (anything in our area is special order) and now have ambivalent feelings. The new chairs are beautiful and exactly what I ordered.
They sit nice, the finish is good, etc.

The issues: Although the backs of the chairs are taller, the seat is a little lower which I hadn't anticipated. Maybe a chair pad would help- although I'm not a fan of chair pads. To me the dining area just seems like a black hole now. Plus, from the sample, the wood on the seats was a close match to the lower wood on the table, but now that I have a full seat, it's not a very good match to the laminate on the table top.

Do they look as bad as I think? Give it time? Different rug or chair pads? My other choice was parsons chairs (but that's not my style) or painting the old chairs an ivory or some other color (I still have the old chairs).

TOP pic are the old chairs; BOTTOM pic are the new

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I like the color and style of the new ones, but they look too large in scale to the table (although it could be camera angle). Do you need all 6 at the table or could you try it with 4? Do you have a leaf for the table? If you need 6 chairs, maybe making the table larger would help.

The seats don't LOOK too low, but that's hard to gauge with a picture. Maybe the change in height will just take some getting used to, unless you feel like your face is in your plate.

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Maybe it is the scale of the chairs- hadn't thought of that.

Maybe if I try reducing it to 4 chairs it will help.
I got 6 chairs because having two on each side offsets the split where the table separates for the inserts.
The table is 66" and then I have two 18" leaves.
We seldom use the table so this was an expensive update with little use. I was just ready for something different.

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I agree that a leaf might help with the scale.

Even though the seats are similar in color to the tabletop, we don't see the seats when the chairs are pushed in. To me, the black chairs next to the brown table look off.

Since it's laminate, and not real wood, I'd be tempted to cover it with a tablecloth that picks up one of the colors in your beautiful rug (probably a blue).

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Here it is with 4 chairs. Daughter thinks it looks a little sparse. I kind of like it - cleaner and less crowded.

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The scale still looks a little off, though now that I see the french door on the left, I can see where keeping the walkway clear would be nice.. Where would you keep the extra chairs?

Have you tried it with a leaf? Do the armed chairs fit under the table?

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I like the chairs with the table. Also like the way it looks now that you removed two chairs. That is better! I would actually put in one of the leaves since it looks like you have room for it. Then, you may be able to include the other chairs, too. If that won't work, try placing the extra chairs on the back wall aflanking the windows.

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I tend to agree with your daughter - it looks a little sparse to me. I'd try it with a leaf and add back the two chairs. The chairs are very nice and look good.

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I think the six chairs look nice...and I think the chairs themselves look nice. Have you measured the height of the seat compared to your old ones? It's probably just a matter of getting used to them.

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I like it better, but try with a leaf and 6 chairs to compare.

Or, leave as is, but put the other two chairs where the armed chairs are so they can all be pushed under the table. I think that will make it look less sparse. I would then try the armed chairs on the back wall as cyn suggests.

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I'm not fond of the arms on the end chairs. Do they fit under the table?

Also, I think the table would look better with one of the leaves in it, so that it is centered on the rug. Or would that crowd the door on the left?

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Push the chairs under the table; they look 'sparse' because there is so much space between chairs and table. Also, relieve the unlived-in look by placing a runner and a centerpiece on the table. Your dining room may not get much use, but it should look like it does. Right now, it looks like a demo room in a furniture store. Everything is beautiful, just doesn't look lived/loved in. Btw, I love the chairs.

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Try putting the armchairs on the walls under the pictures. Maybe put a small decorator pillow on each. Put the remaining four chairs around the table, fully pushed under. Put a centerpiece on the table. The new chairs are a big improvement!

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Have you tried the table and rug going vertical in the room, rather than horizontal? Seems like it would create more room for the door, and you could use the leaf, and all chairs.

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Love the new chairs with the rug. Do try the two extra chairs under the pictures, and a centerpiece, perhaps a piece of art wood, on the table will make a statement, it won't look so sparse. It's a nice space and wants people to pay attention!

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i like the new chairs! tho, i also think it would look better with a leaf and all 6 chairs...

also, the rug reminds me alittle of a country patchwork quilt and went with your previous chairs better, style wise... but, for a very little used area, i wouldn't spend money on a new rug unless it really bothered me....

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I like them but I also have chairs that are similar. Don't use cushions, the seats of the chairs are just too pretty, and if you notice, they're made with the shape of the legs in mind.

If you prefer to use only 4 chairs, set the other two in the corners. You could set matching ferns on top to add a little more decor to the room.

Actually, I think two matching wrought iron plant stands with ferns on top would look superb in the corners. lol.

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I'll echo trying out the leaf and six chairs. Yes to a runner and a centerpiece. But what I wanted to point out is that I think your chandelier is too high -- it looks above 36". (The size/scale of the existing fixture might also be off with the extra leaf however).

Your windows are beautiful, btw.

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