Ondura panel roofing on dormer roof

jerry_njSeptember 28, 2011

Ondura is a corrugated roofing panel sold by Lowes which can be applied over existing roofing without the need to remove the old roofing.

I have a dormer over my garage that has a flat roof about 12 feet by 12 feet' It has a shallow slope of about 3" per foot, the minimum required by Ondura. I would like to re-roof this roof and Ondura looks to be the easiest long lasting way to go.

The installation information leaves me with a couple of questions, so I am checking here to see if I can discuss with someone who has used this, or similar, product.

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The problem I see is the use of gasket nails. The gaskets eventually fail leading to possible leaks as well as the loosening of the panels. They need to be checked periodically and replaced when worn. This depends on where you live, but any gasketed fastener here in the mojave desert has a very short life span due to the extreme dryness/heat. It could be different in your region. Another concern might be hail, but that is an issue with most any roofing type.

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Thanks, yes the gasket nails look "flaky" to me. Why not stainless steel screws? This may cost a couple of dollars more per sheet, but it could be worth it.

I'd guess, it must say somewhere in the literature, what the gaskets are made of, but it should be at least as weather resistant as the roofing, which is guaranteed for "life" whatever that means. The mfg makes a point that most roofing is guaranteed for 20 or 30 years, the Ondura is life.

My small application may not have enough slope, I still have to check that, but it seems to me any slope that is visible to the casual eye would be enough for water not to back up under the 7" (as I recall)overlap called for in the installation guide.

Any suggestions on other materials? Maybe I should just stick with the roll roofing. If it is coated/sealed every 5 or 6 years it will hold up for 20 years. That's what is up there now, which was redone when I had my whole roof redone about 15 years ago.

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Think I would opt for the ondura over rolled, I see now you are in Jersey? If you went with rolled, you could use a cold application install involving glass based felt. You cap nail about every 12" everywhere to get it layed flat. Then the cold ap involves using Henry's cold -ap adhesive,( 5 gallon buckets as well as 1 gallon). You not only coat the glass based felt, but the back side of the roll roofing. The only downside is you still nail the seams every 2" with roofing nails. What I did after that was rolled over with Henry's elasomeric roof coating to give it all a good seal. I put two coats of the elasomeric on 15 years ago and it is still hanging in there fine. The coating helps to seal the nailss over as well.

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Yes, NJ. Not as much sun and heat as AZ, but a lot more humidity. The biggest down side of the humidity is mold on the shady side of the house.

I haven't gotten on the roof lately, it may be just another coat of sealer will keep it going a few more years...I haven't detected any leaks, just thinking as I have to get up to work on the siding on the dormer anyway.

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